New tinnitus support group comes to Aylesbury

10 March 2020: A new group to support local people with tinnitus is being formed in Aylesbury to support people with tinnitus. The first meeting will take place 10.00am – 12.00 noon Thursday 16 April, on the First Floor, Riverside House, 44 Wedgewood Street, Fairford Leys, Aylesbury HP19 7HL

It is estimated that over 20,000 people experience tinnitus in the Aylesbury Vale district alone – approximately 1 in 8 adults.

Facilitated by Henry Skinner from Action on Hearing Loss and Helen Wain from Bucks Integrated Sensory Service, the group will enable people with tinnitus to meet others with the condition, hear useful tips on coping methods, find out what help is available and hear about the latest research.

Henry says: “We work with people who have struggled with tinnitus for many years but feel that it is not understood or acknowledged, and feel there is little out there to support them with this. We hope that, by setting up and supporting a local group, we can provide an opportunity for people to come together and support each other, receive information and advice and feel able to share common experiences.”

Colette Bunker, BTA Volunteer and Support Group Manager, who will be speaking at the meeting comments: “Being among people who have tinnitus, listening to their experiences and how they manage it, can be a tremendous help. I witness this first hand when attending group meetings. It is amazing seeing the difference it makes to people, especially those who have recently been diagnosed.”

Tinnitus is defined as the experience of sounds with no external source, most commonly ringing or buzzing, but sometimes experienced as whooshing, clicking or even music. Around one in eight adults experience persistent tinnitus. Many people aren’t troubled by sounds they hear, but for around 10%, the condition has a significant impact on their quality of life, often linked to stress, anxiety or sometimes depression.

Colette adds: “Tinnitus can be an isolating condition, with friends and family struggling to understand how it feels to adapt to the presence of loud or persistent noises. Some people choose to bring a partner or family member to the meetings, which can often help both parties understand more about the condition and the experiences or behaviours it can bring.”

All are welcome, but the organisers would ask that you let them know if you would like to attend. The can be contacted by calling 01296 479970 or on textphone 10296 485154.


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  • The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is an independent charity that supports over one million people living with tinnitus each year, and advises medical professionals around the world. It is the primary source of support and information for people with tinnitus in the UK.
  • Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing noises in your ear or head when there is no external cause. The noise can have virtually any quality including ringing, buzzing, hissing and whistling.
  • Around 1 in 3 people will experience tinnitus at some point in their life. Over 7.1 million adults in the UK are living with persistent tinnitus, and for 10% of them, it can severely impact their quality of life, affecting sleep, mood, concentration, employment and relationships.
  • There is not currently a cure for tinnitus, however, there are several strategies that can be helpful in learning to manage the condition.
  • Tinnitus costs the NHS £750 million annually, with a cost to society of £2.7 billion per year.


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