New short film shows how Loop charity is reimagining humanitarian accountability.

News provided by Loop on Friday 21st Oct 2022

Imagine a social media platform that is focused only on helping people. A place where anybody can speak to people around the world in their own language, to give feedback on humanitarian aid.

That's the theme of a new short film called IMAGINE from technology-based charity Loop, which is premiered today on YouTube.

Loop has developed an online platform which allows recipients of aid to post stories about their experiences, in their own language, freely, safely, and without having to gain any kind of permission. Users can post online, or by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and even by voice message, depending on which country they are based in.

Loop is currently operating in Somalia, Zambia, Ukraine, Poland, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Charities and other humanitarian organisations can also use the platform to respond to feedback, and to view data which can help them understand people's experiences and improve their services.

The new three minute film features 18 different Loop global team members and supporters speaking to camera in an impassioned explanation of Loop's benefits to affected communities around the world, urging organisations to join the Loop platform so they can read and respond to feedback.

The film was created in-house by the Loop team.

The full script is shown below...

A social media platform that is focused only on helping people,
A truly safe space, professionally moderated,
A place where you can speak to people around the world in your own language,
In your own time, From anywhere.
Imagine if you could engage even if you are not literate,
Even if you don’t have access to the internet,
or don’t have a smartphone.
Imagine getting replies directly, to your questions, or your requests for support.
Imagine if you could use the platform to help others around the world,
by sharing your knowledge and experience, in solidarity.
And if you work for a humanitarian or development organisation, just imagine if you could
hear from the communities you serve about what is working,
and what adaptations and improvements can be made to your programs,
to help people more effectively.
Imagine the benefits of accessing this open data at times of crisis,
such as conflict, epidemics, or natural disasters.
And imagine if the conversations you have on a platform could actually
inform decision makers,
motivate funders
and empower communities?
Sound too good to be true?
It isn’t.
All of this is a reality, right now, on TalkToLoop.Org
Join today and make all our voices count.

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