New Multivitamin for ‘Everyday People’ Created

The lifestyle nutrition company hakamount was founded by Josh Jackson, when researching nutrition during the lockdown. Having found that most multivitamins are ineffective or full of fillers, Josh set to work through lockdown to create a multivitamin that is effective, trustworthy and full of necessary ingredients. He aimed to create this for individuals who are amateur sportsmen like himself.

The newly made multivitamin has been named the ‘Daily Driver’, which the company describes as;

“A combination of vitamins designed to support your immune system, muscle growth and endurance performance - without nasty filler ingredients.”

hakamount has a strong principle, sticking to proven science, and draws huge influence from individuals with extensive research in medical and sporting fields.

Understanding that not everyone can fuel themselves with their diet, the capsules are a perfect partner with food in providing the right nutrition for individuals.

The dosage involves two tablets a day, with the package containing 60 servings for only £13.99. Hakamount also offers a 10% discount when individuals subscribe, and added discounts for first time orders.

The product consists of Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C and D3.

Josh’s perseverance with the project is something to be admired. Living only with his Grandad since the age of 8 years old, he was swift to learn that hard work pays off.

“Growing up, I spent my time trying to be the best at one sport or another. I found myself having to acquire strong knowledge for supplements, so that I could live nutritionally whilst striving to meet my goals. I needed a company that promised me healthy, effective supplements. Having found insufficient products to fill my needs, I took the opportunity to fill the gap, to try and help others reach their full potential.”

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New Multivitamin for ‘Everyday People’ Created