New Generation Package-Forwarding Platform “Shippn” Gives Online Shoppers Access to 25 Countries

Through its extensive network of ‘hosts’ in 25 countries, allows online shoppers to order products from overseas markets quickly, cheaply and entirely hassle-free an innovative package-forwarding platform, allows shoppers all over the world to purchase products from online retailers in 25 countries – safely, easily and cost-effectively. Through an expansive network of ‘hosts’ who reside in these countries, Shippn members can order whatever products they want from these markets and have them reliably shipped straight to their doorstep.

“Along with our hosts, we also work with reliable logistical partners, including DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx, thus ensuring safe and speedy delivery,” the Shippn team says. “Orders are typically dispatched via express delivery within three to five business days, regardless of their location of origin.”

Thanks to Shippn’s international network, products from many of the world’s leading brands can be shipped to countries outside their usual sales orbit. The system is especially useful for shoppers who enjoy ordering products from countries where delivery-forwarding options are limited, such as France, Italy and Singapore.

Providing online shoppers with a global reach

Market research suggests that consumers are increasingly interested in unique and original products of the kind often found in overseas markets – and this trend is expected to continue into the 2020s.

“Designers, craftsmen and merchants from all over the world produce wonderful things that can enrich our lives,” the Shippn team says. “In today’s globalised world, we are no longer limited to what’s available around us. Now we can reach the furthest corners of the globe in our search for exquisite and beautiful items.”

“However,” the team is quick to point out, “online shoppers need a reliable platform to do this.”

Those who sign up for a free Shippn membership will be given a postal address in the country from which they wish to place orders. When they order products online from that country, they can give the retailer this address, to which all their items will be sent.

The local ‘host’ (i.e., the resident of this address) receives, checks, and consolidates their packages, before forwarding them on to the shopper’s home address. This way, shoppers can access products that are typically unavailable – or more expensive – in their own countries.

Transforming homes into shipping hubs

Shippn’s international network of hosts currently covers 25 countries, including the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. What’s more, the hosts in these countries can generate money by simply forwarding products to shoppers abroad, while also purchasing products themselves from distant locations.

“By consolidating and shipping international orders quickly and cheaply, the hosts we rely on can also make money,” the Shippn team explains. “By turning empty space in their homes into makeshift warehouses, they essentially become miniature shipping hubs.”

“This way, we can provide both storage and rapid delivery – at very low cost – from all over the world,” the team adds. “With this new-generation business model, the hosts can earn good money while shoppers can count on quick, safe and inexpensive delivery.”

International shopping online surges despite pandemic

According to data published by eMarketer, e-commerce sales currently stand at a whopping $5 trillion globally, and this figure is set to rise by a further 14.3 percent in 2021. And a significant share of online shoppers prefers ordering products from markets abroad, citing lower prices than those found in their own countries.

The emergence of COVID-19, meanwhile, has profoundly impacted the dynamics of international shipping. One recent study conducted by Narvar found that as many as 36 percent of all online shoppers had experienced delivery delays as a direct result of the pandemic.

“Timely delivery is essential to customer satisfaction,” the Shippn team says in this regard. “Our network of dedicated hosts allows online shoppers to sidestep annoying obstacles caused by COVID-19, which, unfortunately, continue to hinder international shipping.”

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New Generation Package-Forwarding Platform “Shippn” Gives Online Shoppers Access to 25 Countries