Muellners Foundation donates a decade of research by Muellners LLC to open source.

The research is primarily into the financial inclusion sector. The Foundation will host the open research website with its home page.

Copenhagen, Denmark: Muellners Foundation, today announced that it has begun its process of releasing research pursued by its affiliate, Muellners LLC into open source. 

The goal of the foundation is to use technology as a means to tackle social, ecological and development challenges of the human society. Muellners Foundation strives to work on social, financial and digital inclusion.

The Foundation also pre-announces that most of this research will be released as open source. Many position papers are on emerging technologies and on mix of cloud & financial technology.

With this initiative, Muellners Foundation hopes to achieve that more companies and social organisations get to benefit from this research.

Saransh Sharma pointed to many benefits that such an initiative of the foundation will result in.

Saransh said that ‘For example - Many women-run ‘Not for Profit’ or for profit organisations in India are focusing on social finance. These startups can benefit from key knowledge present in these research documents.’

‘A lot of youth run initiatives are fuelled by analytics technology. I hope we can close some sort of skill gap with a small act of ours.’, Saransh also added.

During this week, the team at Muellners LLC deployed Atlassian Confluence to manage the publication site for these research articles. Internet users can logon to Muellners Foundation’s website to gain access to research papers, white papers, position papers, infographics, statistical papers.

Saransh also said that product information from the parent company will not be part of the research release on this platform. The studies and papers will majorly include common industry centric research, competitive analysis, understandings of various prevalent issues in the subject sectors.

Muellners Foundatation also announces that a provision will be provided to contribute back to this research because of its open source nature.

Muellners LLC is a global tech capital company that offers Research and Development services in analytics and financial technology to its institutional customers in different sectors.

Key customers include:

  • Financial Services companies such as NBFCs, banks, MFIs, small finance banks etc.

Muellners also offers analytics services to different sectors such as fashion, manufacturing including banking.

Muellners Foundation is a not for profit initiative from promoters of Muellners LLC.

Muellners Foundation is founded on the ideology of sustainable development and green initiatives. The foundation will be working in rural development, social security, women empowerment and human rights.

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Muellners Foundation donates a decade of research by Muellners LLC to open source.