Mother’s Day 2021 Charity eCard Collection Announced

Water Poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring today announced the launch of their  Mother’s Day charity ecard collection. The collection is called “Mother’s Day eCards for African mothers''. It  includes 12 video and animated eCards and 20 regular static eCards. The name of the collection was partly inspired by a walk for water fundraiser, organised by two mothers from Diss, in Norfolk in aid of the charity. 

Many of the eCards in the collection were designed by mothers, who benefited from the charity’s clean water project in West Africa. The remainder were eCards from the organisation's annual Mother’s Day eCard archives. 

Explaining what  Hope Spring hope to achieve with the eCard collection,  their spokesperson Evgeniy Garkaviy said “ we were thinking of what we can do differently about this year’s Mother’s Day fundraiser, when team Waverly’s walk for water challenge of 2018 came to  mind. The money raised from that challenge was used to fund a clean water project for a village, with a lot of young mothers”. 

He added that “whatever funds we raise from our Mother’s Day 2021 charity eCard sale, will be invested in a water project that will benefit a  village with  demographics similar to the one the walk for water fundraiser benefited”.

In the UK, mother’s day is called Mothering Sunday, however over the years, more British people have taken to calling it Mother’s Day.  This special day was set aside to celebrate mother. It  has its origin in Christianity, where it is a day used to honour mother churches. 

Hope Spring Charity eCards Mother’s Day collection is available at their website. You can find more information about Mother’s Day eCard for African mothers collection by visiting Hope Spring Pinterest or Facebook page.

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