Monarchy online has on 12/11/2014 launched the 'Monarchy Clear Guide' on www.monarchyonline.org. The free 'Monarchy Clear Guide' has been written to help people understand the basics, after Monarchy online research indicated that people frequently find it difficult to understand what Monarchy or Royalty really is and does. Sadly, today this subject is not covered in UK education and has not been for a very long time. Consequently, this leaves many people – children and adults – confused about the subject and what it really means.

Monarchy online will also be supported by AfterConsult.com from the UK, with brand new technology to share targeted information that is currently unsupported today in UK schools and the education system.

Monarchy online has become a global community for thousands of people of all ages, especially on social media. People can enjoy learning about what the modern monarchy is and does today, while arranging fun, charity and community events.

The 'Monarchy Clear Guide' is free & can be translated into over 60 languages in a PDF. Here is the link: http://www.monarchyonline.org/guide

Miss Kaz Aston, monarchyonline.org CEO, said: "This short, not-for-profit or for our pockets 'Monarchy Clear Guide', is all about sharing useful information that you can quickly & easily understand on our website www.monarchyonline.org or via social media. The topics included will, we hope, answer frequently asked questions to help people learn more. Also, Monarchy online wants the public to achieve a balanced view, listening to all opinions – whether positive or negative – about the Monarchy, which doesn't always happen today."

Dr Victor Chamoun from AfterConsult.com, London, works with new digital technology and Kaz Aston said: "AfterConsult are really looking forward to sharing brand new technology with Monarchy online to help target information services for different groups of professionals – for example teachers, to support and deliver student education and build balanced sustainable online information services."

Monarchy online has also been backed by the Rotary Club of London. Future President Gio Marenghi said: "Monarchy online is a great community resource for fun social events, education about Royalty and fundraising. The really clear guide offers great insight and an overview of Monarchy today in an easy-to-read format. It provides helpful information in just enough detail, without overloading people with history. The new website also suggests great sources for further accurate information. Monarchy online will, I imagine, be of great use to teachers, children and parents, as well as people who have not learnt about Royalty at school, as this area is not covered today."

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