Monarch Movements recognised for quality with £40k bonuses

London-based sales and marketing specialists, Monarch Movements were rewarded for quality standards, receiving over £40k in bonuses in 2016.

Managing Director at Monarch Movements, Damian Crofts revealed that the firm was paid over £40k in bonuses in 2016 for quality customer acquisitions. Monarch Movements believe that the secret to their success is their direct and personalised approach to marketing. At Monarch Movements, they went back to basics to utilise the traditional form of communication, face to face conversations. Advances in technology have provided brands with a multitude of platforms to reach consumers. However, Monarch Movements believe that face-to-face interactions will always be the most effective.

About Monarch Movements:

Monarch Movements develop unique and tailor-made marketing solutions, conducting extensive market research before they launch their campaigns. The firm use in-person promotions, meeting with customers face to face at their homes, where they work and shop. Utilising the human element allows them to deliver marketing solutions with a smile and a handshake. One on one interaction with customers allows the firm's representatives to build relationships, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and build brand loyalty. “People buy from people, and the significance of human interaction should not be understated,” said Mr Crofts, Managing Director at Monarch Movements.

At Monarch Movements, they are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience and customer service is at the top of their agenda. “I believe if you get that right, everything else will fall into place,” revealed Mr Crofts.

The firm's commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience has seen them gain a reputation for their ability to deliver both quality and quantity customer acquisitions for their clients, and it is that ability which resulted in the firm receiving a pay-out of over £40k in quality bonuses in 2016. That commitment to delivering both quality and quantity customer acquisitions has seen Monarch Movements amass a client portfolio containing many of the UK’s leaders in their respective fields.

“We promise our clients that we will represent them with complete confidence, professionalism and transparency, allowing them to put their trust in us. Getting results is something we can do, no matter the product or service, and I believe that is because of our high customer service standards, and commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience,” shared Mr Crofts.

Monarch Movements is a dynamic and cultured sales and marketing firm based in Angel, London. The company specialises in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. By understanding their clients' customers and target markets, as well as long and short-term goals, Monarch Movements can develop unique marketing campaigns which deliver quality results and build brand loyalty.

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Monarch Movements recognised for quality with £40k bonuses