Mojico highlights 10 New Year’s resolutions that entrepreneurs can set for success

Sheffield- based sales and marketing firm, Mojico, has revealed 10 New Year’s resolutions that all entrepreneurs can set for success in 2017.

About Mojico:

The onset of the New Year is a time for self-reflection, resulting in many setting themselves resolutions for the year. Research conducted by The Guardian UK revealed that 43% of UK adults admitted to their New Year’s resolutions lasting less than a month, and 80% of the same audience acknowledging that it lasted less than three months. Mojico believes firmly in setting realistic goals and finding ways to motivate yourself towards these. The firm has outlined 10 resolutions that can be set to lead to business success and self-motivation.

1. Plan Better

It is common to constantly be thinking about and generating long-range strategies, leading to the management of several things at once. From hiring and training, to closing sales and attracting new clientele. Remember, it is essential to stop, take a step back and address the bigger picture.

2. Watch your spending

Talk of things such the previous prediction of the of the tech market crash, and even the uncertainty of the capital markets, it is essential that you maintain those finances, regardless of the economic condition. Things can change rapidly.

3. Manage your time better

Unclog your calendar. Instead of attending every meeting and event possible, attend those that matter. By only attending the meetings that are important, you will be able to focus your time on using that information and use this to develop your business.

4. Completely disconnect once or twice during the year

Remove yourself from the digital world, and make sure you have time to relax and refresh. By allowing yourself this time once or twice a year, when you return, your mind will be clear, and you will be able to focus more and take on the world.

5. Work with only the best

One fantastic contractor is better than three average ones. Hiring is key to business success, and by ensuring that you are only hiring and training the best, you will allow yourself the chance to monetize the opportunities that exist.

6. Take care of yourself

The most common resolution is to get into shape or lose weight. Studies show that taking care of yourself releases endorphins in your body, and this is what you need to maintain a positive mindset and take on those challenges.

7. Perform charitable acts

Everyone has support when building a business, emotional or financial. Although starting or growing a business is draining, giving back to the community in some way, is very rewarding and motivating and will help you find a sense of achievement.

8. Know your customers

This is obvious, but committing to knowing your customer as well as possible will result in being able to provide a better product or service. Make sure everything you do is aimed towards that customer.

9. Laugh more

Starting and growing a business is hard work and requires commitment. But remember, laughter is said to provide a range of health benefits such as lowering stress and increasing your immune system. Besides, it makes you a happier person and more open to tackling challenges.

10. Minimise the gibberish

Every industry has its jargon, so when talking to like-minded business owners, the use of these words is acceptable. But remember to speak like a normal person when needed. By using jargon in unnecessary situations, you could affect your level of communications. Be direct and to the point.

Mojico is an event marketing firm based in Sheffield which focuses on producing exciting projects and innovative ideas for clients. The firm has set some impressive goals for 2017 such as to expand into new locations and attract the top talent for their business, as well to work closer with clients to produce a strong force within the industry.



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