MarketStorm Global Ltd Insist Customer Retention is Improved through Face-To-Face Marketing Techniques

Globally, brands spend billions of pounds on their visual identity. Gavin Walsh, managing director of MarketStorm Global Ltd, suggests focusing on the verbal presentation as well in order to increase customer retention.

Simple face-to-face conversation is often underestimated in today’s media age. According to language consultancy firm Lingua, brands spend £8.7bn globally a year on their visual identity, such as TV adverts or billboards, but only around £1.3bn on verbal identity ( “Being visual for the consumer is crucial,” insists Gavin Walsh at MarketStorm Global Ltd, a direct sales and marketing company. “How else can brands find out specific information and receive feedback from their customers? Meeting people face-to-face helps building a bond between a brand and the customer which increases the chance to make them come back,” continues Gavin Walsh. A report published by Meeting Professionals International supports Gavin Walsh’s attempt to emphasise the value of face-to-face marketing. The study reveals that 40% of potential customers are converted into a sale via face-to-face meetings (

Apart from the opportunity to provide consumers a direct and personalised shopping experience, face-to-face marketing has further advantages. It is a very cost-effective alternative compared to pricey TV, online or radio adverts and billboards. “Face-to-face marketing is an amazing tool. It also allows us to speak to potential customers of a specific target market,” says MarketStorm Global Ltd’s managing director Gavin Walsh. Face-to-face marketing gives the opportunity to companies to specifically target an audience in order to gain new customers. At the same time, it helps building trust between a brand and the consumer which increases customer retention. “We want people to choose the same brand again,” explains Gavin Walsh. “This is why our sales representatives focus so much on building strong and trusting relationships with the public.”

MarketStorm Global Ltd is based in Leeds, Yorkshire. The company raises brand awareness and promotes products and services on their clients’ behalf at event venues and retail locations. Gavin Walsh says: “Our clients have understood how important face-to-face conversations with their customers are.” MarketStorm Global Ltd build a bridge between their clients and the consumer and can provide immediate comments and feedback directly to the relevant brand which helps to make quick adjustments if necessary or to confirm that a specific sales strategy has been successful. “Building and maintaining strong relationships makes such a difference,” insists Gavin Walsh. The company’s successful marketing strategy has made a huge impact on their clients’ growth. Therefore, MarketStorm Global Ltd have recently been asked to expand into further markets by the end of this year in order to represent their clients in the Greater Yorkshire area, and nationwide by the end of 2014.

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MarketStorm Global Ltd Insist Customer Retention is Improved through Face-To-Face Marketing Techniques