Mail.Ru Group’s DBMS Tarantool To Help Yota Interact With Its Customers

Mail.Ru Group's DBMS Tarantool to Help Yota Interact with Its Customers

Mobile broadband services provider Yota has announced the start of commercial usage of Tarantool, a database management system developed at Mail.Ru Group. For Yota, this means faster access to billing data and more interactive customer experience. The company is also planning to use Tarantool to offer tailored mobile services to its clients.

Yota has been among the first telecommunications companies to appreciate the advantages of Tarantool: high speed, rich feature set and ease of use. Using this DBMS for online data processing will help the company significantly cut licensing and server hardware costs.

'Before bringing it to the market, we've been using Tarantool quite extensively in our in-house projects for many years. The expertise we gained helped us deliver the polished product to our partners. Our DBMS is perfect for businesses with a complex infrastructure, and for telecommunications companies in particular. We're happy that Yota has appreciated what Tarantool has to offer', said Denis Anikin, Technical Director of Email & Cloud Services at Mail.Ru Group.

'Adopting Tarantool will significantly speed up access to billing data, boost customer experience (including our mobile app and access to the user profile) and allow us to provide our clients with services and solutions tailored to their usage patterns', says Konstantin Gorelik, Head of Technical Support & Implementation Department at Yota.

The Tarantool DBMS is an in-house product developed by and for people at Mail.Ru Group. It has been used for internal needs for almost nine years now. Tarantool combines high transaction processing speed typical of caching solutions (like Memcached or Redis) with the reliability of such systems as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is open-source software distributed under the BSD license. Internal benchmarks run by Mail.Ru Group show that Tarantool is capable of processing one million transactions per second on the cheapest single-core commodity server. According to Mail.Ru Group's internal report, one server running Tarantool can substitute 30 servers running a regular DBMS. Being an open-source prduct, Tarantool boasts a number of successful implementations by some of the largest Russian and international companies including Badoo, Avito, QIWI and Wallarm.

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Mail.Ru Group’s DBMS Tarantool To Help Yota Interact With Its Customers