Live Innovations announce competition to travel to Texas

The Managing Director at London-based Live Innovations announced this week that he would be travelling to Texas at the end of the month, and has launched a competition for one of the firm’s contractors to accompany him on the transatlantic trip.

About Live Innovations:

At Live Innovations, they believe that competition is important because it provides an incentive for people to consistently work to the best of their ability, thereby driving better results. “We believe that competition pushes people to work harder and perform at a consistently high level,” stated Managing Director Tom Harris.

Mr. Harris will be flying out to Texas at the end of January to spend a week with one of the most successful sales and marketing professionals in the U.S. The purpose of the trip is to allow Mr. Harris to observe the daily practices at the Texas marketing agency, as well as to network with like-minded, fellow professionals.

Managing Director Tom Harris is a big advocate of travelling. The Australian-born entrepreneur set out on an adventure years ago and arrived in London with an unbelievable work ethic and determination to make his dreams a reality. Mr. Harris believes there are many tangible benefits to travelling, and he has shared the top lessons travelling teaches us below:

The ability to adapt. Travel brings challenges such as delayed flights, lost luggage and a sudden change of plans which forces someone to adjust to new situations and environments. These hindrances teach entrepreneurs to be flexible and enhance their ability to adapt to a variety of unforeseen circumstances. The experiences someone has while travelling will mold how they handle similar situations back in the workplace.

Time management. From getting to the airport on time, to sticking to an itinerary, to experiencing all the things you want to see and do - a successful trip is all about time management. Those who have extensive experience travelling have mastered the art of time management, and that translates to business success.

Networking. “The power of networking should never be under-estimated,” said Mr. Harris. The entrepreneur and business owner is encouraging travelling professionals to use it as a networking opportunity, something that he will be doing on his trip to Texas. Establishing relationships with people around the world can come in handy when starting a new venture. Travelling can also strengthen networking skills as it forces people out of their comfort zone, and to interact with people, they wouldn’t normally speak to.

Live Innovations is an event marketing company specialising in personalised marketing events which represent their clients’ brands directly to consumers. These individual event marketing campaigns give Live Innovations the chance to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis, which often helps to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. Mr. Harris is looking forward to the upcoming trip and is excited to see which one of the firm’s contractors will win the chance to accompany him.


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