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Male Manopause or Andropause 

which is the more common name is a very real condition.

Although not usually discussed among men or even acknowledged, men suffer the same hormone drop as women and can get the same dreaded symptoms.

Women’s menopausal problems start when oestrogen levels drop and the same goes for men, only in men it involves testosterone levels. Manopause is caused by testosterone deficiency.

As men age testosterone levels may decline by about 1 percent a year after the age of 30-40 and this may continue through middle age into old age. However in recent years with increased levels of stress at work, environmental pollution and deficient diets, age and percentages may be different, so an earlier manopause is a possibility.

Most men will suffer from some or many of these manopause symptoms at some point as they age.

Male manopause should be taken just as seriously as women’s menopause as it can cause sexual, physical and psychological problems which can typically worsen as you get older.

Other symptoms can be:

Erectile dysfunction, low energy, loss of or reduced muscle mass leading to feelings of weakness, decreased motivation, more frequent urination especially at night, reduced libido, depression, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, insomnia or difficulty in sleeping, low energy, short tempered, loss of hair, development of breasts, decreased testicle size and an increase in body fat. Rarely but sometimes hot flushes occur and also osteoporosis which can be caused by decreased bone density.

Testosterone is the same hormone that fuels changes in male puberty, the surge in mental and physical energy , muscle mass, fight or flight responses, sex drive and libido to name a few. These are all testosterone based. This is the beginning of the testosterone journey.

As testosterone levels drop then so does a man’s libido and other complications can kick in. Male manopause differs from women’s menopause. Where women’s hormone levels drop causing the eventual shutdown of female reproductive organs Manopause usually just results in sexual complications as a result of lowered hormone levels. This can be the start of the end of the testosterone journey.

A lot of men refuse to acknowledge Manopause as it makes them feel like it is a reflection of “virility” or “manhood”. Recognising it and doing something positive is one of the keys to unlocking this very natural physiological occurrence. Losing weight, taking more exercise, eating less sugar, looking after your microbiome and natural supplementation will definitely help.

At Lewtress we have been specialising in Men’s sexual health for over 25years. We have learnt from men what really affects their health and loss of sex drive is one of them and it can create many other complications both physical and mental.

The supplements listed below are relevant to the specific issues associated with manopause.

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