La Dominion Acquisitions: 2014 International Festival for Business Aims to Drive SME Growth

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, La Dominion Acquisitions, claim the 2014 International Festival for Business will help drive SME growth.

La Dominion Acquisition are a small business based in London who specialise in marketing, sales and customer acquisitions campaigns. The firm are planning on expanding into France by next month. The 2014 International Festival for Business will be the biggest business event since the 1951 Festival of Britain. La Dominion Acquisitions’ managing director Franck Benachour says, “We plan to attend the 2014 International Festival in Liverpool, i’m confident it will further inspire entrepreneurship here in the UK and will offer fantastic advice and support for businesses such as ours to further unite our business strategies for Britain and France.”

The International Festival for Business 2012 are set to host hundreds of high-quality events, exhibitions and celebrations from June to July 2014 in Liverpool. The festival is expecting to attract over 250,000 visitors from across the globe including many large companies and senior politicians, with plans to bring £100 million worth of investment into the UK Economy. The International event’s main aims are to accelerate global business growth by connecting companies with some of the smartest and most experienced entrepreneurial minds and best business opportunities in the world.

When questioned by about whether small businesses will benefit from the event, Chief Executive of Liverpool Vision Max Steinberg, said, “Unless we can drive small business in the region and the UK, we will have failed.”

British SME’s are significantly contributing to the UK’s economy. The International Festival for Business 2014 aims to encourage British SME’s to pioneer into new markets, within the UK as well as oversees. The event hopes to assist small businesses like La Dominion Acquisitions with moving into new territories.

La Dominion Acquisitions are a London-based outsourced customer acquisitions firm who specialise in the telecommunications, entertainment, film, gaming, non-profit and security industries. The firm who offer services in direct marketing and field sales will be expanding into France next month.


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