John Weiss offers a 10% discount on the MORCHER range of Capsular Tension Rings

Harlow, UK – 1st October 2020 - John Weiss & Son, the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments and procedures, is pleased to offer a special 10% discount on the MORCHER range of Capsular Tension Rings (CTRs), in response to the reintroduction of elective surgery in the UK.

MORCHER CTRs are manufactured from one-piece PMMA. The range consists of; Capsular tension rings, Cionni rings, Capsular ring segments and Capsular edge rings.

All MORCHER CTRs are single-use and preloaded. They are used in cases of defective or partly-missing zonules, and also in potentially complicated surgical conditions, luxation of IOLs, zonuloysis, pseudoexfoliation, and Marchesani syndrome. CTRs are also used to stabilise the capsule in cases of severe myopia.

Cionni rings are CTRs with additional fixation eyelets, to allow the entire ring to be fixated permanently to the sclera with sutures. The suturing eyelets are positioned slightly anterior to the ring, allowing the ring to be placed into the capsular bag, while the eyelets remain anterior to the capsule.

Capsular ring segments were created for patients with extensive and/or progressive zonular loss. The partial PMMA ring segment traces a 120° arc with a radius of 4.5 or 5.0 mm, and an anteriorly positioned fixation eyelet. Unlike the CTRs, capsular segments can be used in cases where a discontinuous capsulorhexis, an anterior capsule tear or a posterior capsule tear, is present.

Due to their sharp-edge design, Capsular edge rings reduce secondary cataracts significantly and prevent capsular fibrosis of the anterior capsule membrane. As the rings prevent the stickage of the anterior and posterior capsule membrane, explantations and secondary fixation of an artificial lens to the capsular bag is facilitated.

The special offer is available now on the entire MORCHER CTR range. Just quote MORCHERQ420 to receive a 10% discount. Promotion ends 30th November 2020.

For more information on the MORCHER range, please visit or call 01279 883858.

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