Interview Offer: Collateral Damage In The Age Of Cyber-Warfare

Nation-state sponsored cyber war and cyber-espionage operations are now in the public eye, and the proliferation of advanced malware attacks against global infrastructure networks are becoming increasingly common. As global governments openly discuss offensive and defensive needs and capabilities, the issue of collateral damage is becoming more and more important.

Tom Cross, director of security research at Lancope, is sitting on a panel at this year's Virus Bulletin event. He and his panel members will discuss one of the major emerging security challenges of the new century.

Discussion topics will include:

- How is cyber war likely to alter the next major military conflict? What's the number one danger today?
- Unlike traditional weapons, malware used in cyber war and cyber-espionage operations can go rogue easily. Will targeting become better? What are the risks of a hostile 'takeover' of cyber weapons?
- What are the risks to everyday businesses? How might a cyber weapon affect business operations, financial processes, CRM systems, Internet connectivity, etc.? How might businesses that suffer collateral damage be impacted?

He will also co-present a session with Holly Stewart, Sr. program manager lead at Microsoft Malware Protection Centre, covering best practices for public disclosure of the fact that a security vulnerability is being exploited in the wild. They will define the difference between vulnerability disclosure and disclosure of exploitation, and illustrate scenarios in which exploitation information can help aid the public in defending against active threats, as well as scenarios in which exploitation information can result in increased attack activity.

Cross and Stewart will discuss the ethics and timing of exploitation disclosure, presenting examples from various, real-world case studies.

If you would like to speak to Tom regarding either of these topics, or for just a general briefing on Lancope, please do contact me and I can get this set up for you.

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Interview Offer: Collateral Damage In The Age Of Cyber-Warfare