I Bounced Away My Sciatica

Hotel manager Wayne Mansfield is on cloud nine after bouncing away his crippling sciatica on a mini Boogie Bounce trampoline.

Just 12 months ago, dad of two Wayne, 44, of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, was bedridden with excruciating back pain. “For two months I could barely walk,” he explains. “Even when I was mobile again I walked with a limp.”

Now, he’s pain-free, brimming with energy and three stone lighter – all thanks to Boogie Bounce… an exercise class which involves exercising to music on mini trampolines.

Wayne had been struggling with back and knee pain since his 30s – caused by years of playing football plus a demanding job in corporate banqueting which involved lifting heavy furniture.

But it was in November 2016 that he developed sciatica. “It came on over a period of three days at work – starting with shooting pains down the left side of my lower back and ended with my back seizing up completely.

“My GP diagnosed sciatica and prescribed physiotherapy and strong painkillers. Although the pills were good for the pain they left me good for nothing else! And the physiotherapy didn’t make huge improvements.”

Even when Wayne returned to work last January (2017) he was still limping and wincing at spasms that continued to shoot down his left leg.

Then Hayley Abbs, a fitness instructor at the Holiday Inn in Norwich – one of the hotels he managed - suggested he join her Boogie Bounce class.

“My initial reaction was ‘You must be joking!’ he recalls. “Not only would I be the only man in a roomful of women. I was carrying extra weight and thought I’d look a complete idiot bouncing on a trampoline.

“But she insisted that the low impact nature of the exercise would be brilliant for my back so I agreed to give it a go.

“At the end of the first class I was soaked with sweat and told her ‘that was absolutely brilliant!’. It was a great, fun session that got you working without hurting and I immediately signed up to more.

“Within two weeks I felt like a completely new person – able to walk and even run without my back hurting – and I’d lost nine pounds.”

One year on, Wayne has shed a total of three stone. “I can’t believe how much it’s changed me. I’ve never felt healthier or happier. I do Boogie Bounce up to four times a week and would do it every day if I could! My teenage children tell me I look brilliant which is rare praise indeed!

“When I visited my doctor recently for a routine check-up she was shocked at how much I’d improved.”

“To say Boogie Bounce has transformed my life is an understatement! I recommend it to everyone; five of my staff - men as well as women - are now regular bouncers. I can safely say this is the best I have felt in 15 years – fit, healthy and confident, again. I can’t thank Hayley and Boogie Bounce enough.”

Founder of Boogie Bounce Jenny Belcher says: “I’m thrilled to hear about Wayne’s recovery. Boogie Bounce has been transforming lives for more than two decades now – with fantastic results combating everything from osteoarthritis and obesity to depression and diabetes.

“Its low-impact nature makes it one of the few ‘whole body’ exercises that’s suitable for those with weight and complex health issues. Even NASA agrees that ‘rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.’”

Notes to editor

What is Boogie Bounce?

Boogie Bounce is an exclusive exercise programme offering cardiovascular, toning, fat burning and strengthening benefits with low impact on the body. NASA agrees that ‘bouncing is the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man’ – while studies by NASA scientists have shown that bouncing is 68 per cent more effective than jogging but requires less effort.

Boogie Bounce has 55,000 participants across the UK and is now expanding worldwide.

For more details, to try Boogie Bounce Xtreme, or arrange an interview with founder Jenny Belcher please contact Claire Nicholls or Insya Abdulhussein on 0121 354 1190; claire@boogiebounce.co.uk insya@boogiebounce.co.uk

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