How Outsourcing firm Source Marketing Direct Survived Britain’s Recession

For the first time since 1991, the UK were officially announced as in recession in the last three months of 2008 after GDP fell by 1.5% following a 0.6% drop in the year’s previous quarter. Many businesses were negatively impacted because of this as consumer spending dried up. However for Source Marketing Direct, they only went from strength to strength in the UK during these tough times. The firm reveals their tried and tested marketing and sales systems as the reason for their continued growth.

Source Marketing Direct uses tried and tested marketing and sales systems which have been replicated over time. These techniques have been proven to work effectively no matter what market they are used in, which client they are used for or whom they are performed by. This is what has allowed Source Marketing Direct to be so ambitious and widen its scope to new markets for prospective growth during the economic downturn in the UK.

About Source Marketing Direct:

Source Marketing Direct’s sales techniques work on a very simple premise; regardless of economic circumstances, demographic and location, a certain percentage of the population will be interested in buying the product or service on offer. Whereas indirect marketing strategies rely on the consumers seeing their advertisements and approaching the company to buy, Source Marketing Direct actively source new customers by bringing the service or product to them. Not only is this more convenient for the customer, but it provides them with a personalised service which also results in increased brand loyalty and customer retention rates and at the same time saves money for the firm’s clients.

The firm have not only survived but grown extensively throughout Britain’s recession due to the appeal of their tried and tested business model. At Source Marketing Direct they are only paid on the success of their results for their clients; meaning that they provide a cost effective and appealing service for a company’s marketing budgets. This business model has appealed to increasing numbers of clients, and with more businesses outsourcing their sales and marketing to the firm, Source Marketing Direct have been allowed to grow and expand as other companies have forlornly gone out of business.

The firm strengthens their business model by choosing to work with industries that are recession proof. ‘We choose to promote and market products that are needed by everyday people. Charted yachts or property are niche markets. We choose to work with a broader scope of everyday useable products that no matter what the market condition they will always be in demand,’ states Hector Montalvo, Managing Director at Source Marketing Direct.

The firm does not only bring benefits to their clients, but also to their client’s customers. By working with industries that are in constant demand the firm does not have the need to take on the traditional hard sale approach. Source Marketing Direct work with clients that offer services that reduce personal expenditure or allow consumers to contribute to local communities and restore the economy. Due to the fact that these services appeal to customers, the firm will be able to acquire large numbers of customers for their clients. And not only does the nature of the service appeal, the sales and marketing strategy is personalised for the customer which has been proven to increase customer acquisition and retention rates.

So as many UK businesses are recovering from a hard time during the recession, at Source Marketing Direct the firm is only looking forward to repeated growth and success for the future.

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How Outsourcing firm Source Marketing Direct Survived Britain’s Recession