“High-Performance Innovation”, another corporate training program from Appleton Greene.

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“High-Performance Innovation”, another corporate training program from Appleton Greene.

Mr. Auriach is a Certified Learning provider (CLP) at Appleton Greene & Co. Mr. Auriach has experience in strategy, process & innovation performance, and digital marketing. He holds an engineering degree in aerospace from Sup’aero University (in Toulouse, France) and a master’s degree in Business Consulting from ESCP Business School (Paris, France). Mr. Auriach has industry experience in financial services, life sciences, aerospace, digital services, law, and education. He held various management positions in western Europe, including a Partner position at Accenture from 2005 to 2013. Mr. Auriach co-authored “Pro en consulting” at Vuibert editions, in collaboration with a strategy professor from ESCP.

This training program is intended for leaders, managers, project managers and innovation project directors working within organizations employing 100 to 100,000 employees, wishing to measure, improve and compare the performance of their innovation projects. The objective is that at the end of the course, participants will have implemented within their organization, at the scale they choose, a state-of-the-art innovation portfolio management (IPM) process.

The power of the IPM resides above all in its ability to provide an effective model for arbitration between competing innovation projects which, once deployed on a large scale, makes it possible to manage the investment envelope devoted to innovation. Existing initiatives deemed to have high potential are stimulated and benefit from a concentration of energy capable of accelerating the achievement of tangible results and increasing their impact. New opportunities are revealed and prioritized when the assessment of their potential justifies it. Deprioritized initiatives remain referenced in the portfolio and reappear if new assumptions or market conditions become favorable to them. The model is adaptable to the culture of the organization concerned, to its system of creativity, to its strategy, to the different phases of its project cycles, to the potential of its assets and to the trends deemed promising in its target markets.

In order to deploy the IPM process on its scope of application, an agile approach is proposed, based on the theory of cellular organizations. Innovation cells are created when a need for support, accompaniment or specific management is arbitrated favorably, disappear in the event of unfavorable arbitration or mutate on the occasion of the pivoting or the advancement of one or more projects within the portfolio. Its members are on the one hand trained in IPM and its customization, on the other hand trained to train other collaborators contributing to innovation initiatives.

The impact of the deployment is multiplied thanks to the development and maintenance of a collaborative ecosystem that goes beyond the boundaries of the organization, facilitated by the implementation of a dedicated platform. The first 12 modules are intended for the top management of the subsets of the organization considered for the deployment of IPM, for witnesses of current or past innovation projects potentially brought to contribute to the deployment of the process and for any line manager or intermediate manager approached to take part, on a part-time basis, in future innovation cells. They are dedicated to defining the innovation strategy, determining the organizational scope of application of the approach, evaluating the current and projected maturity of the process, putting into portfolio and stimulating pilot projects, planning the major milestones of the program, establishing a list of assets with promising innovation potential, implementing a simple collaborative tool, driving solicitation tests of an external ecosystem, producing the first dashboards, and communicating and highlighting the visible results.

To find more detailed information, please visit: https://www.appletongreene.com/clp-cih-high-performance-innovation .

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