Has Deep F***ing Value Aligned With TPP?

Rumour circulating around the market, is that the man known as Deep F***ing Value (real name Keith Gill) has joined forces with The Portfolio Platform, a UK fintech company that has designed investment software to empower retail investors around the world.

TPP, fresh from making a splash in the UK last year, have been looking to continue expanding their presence globally, and by collaborating with DFV and his mentality of 'taking on the big boys' it is a merger of beliefs that would make sense.

TPP showcase some of the world's best trading strategies via their software, and clients can follow these strategies for investment ideas, or via linking it to their broker account.

Their aim has been to 'change how investors invest' by giving them control of their investments, and showing them that they can make returns in the market without paying for funds managers and IFA's. Some of the press they have received over the last year, certainly suggests they're doing this (particularly in the UK).

DFV ('The dude who broke Wall Street'), with his rumoured gains of 33m USD from recent trades, may have been expected to reside on a beach somewhere, but if these rumours are proved to be true, perhaps he is in this for the 'glory' and not the gains.

The strategy titled 'DFV Retail Under Valued' on TPP certainly has suggestions of DFV's DNA on it. Looking at the strategy it possesses stock like Nokia, Genius, Naked, Koss and of course a favourite of The Redditors- GameStop.

Have TPP and DFV combined forces?

If this rumour is true, there could certainly be ramifications for the investment markets. Is the retail investor market movement about to build some further momentum?

Reddit have recently shown investors around the world the stocks to buy via an incredibly bullish and vocal crowd, but if TPP and DFV have aligned, investors will also know how to build a portfolio around these stocks.

A potential game changer?

To view the 'DFV Retail Under Valued' strategy, click here.

To view The Portfolio Platform website, click here.

To view the Reddit revolution story, click here.

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Has Deep F***ing Value Aligned With TPP?