So here it is, the Million Dollar event at Coutts Guildford, in which Give It Away Limited have achieved their goal of donating £1 million to various non-government supported charities, in only six years.

Charlotte Grobien, C.E.O of the company, started this one man band operation six years ago with the focused mission to earn profits via the property industry. The plan was to start with one renovation, but the determined Grobien instead took on three new builds. Charlotte says it was “difficult” to do this all at once, but the motivation to }“help children and teenagers in difficulty get a better and more comforting life” led to her making an amazing first profit of £625,000.

Following this with rental apartments and in 2011 another new build project, 3 cottages in Woking, she was well on her way to her declared target of £1 million and proving to the “real developers” that “handbag developers” can do this too.

“I wanted to work with Local London Charities near to me, because it was important to be able to see exactly how the money I gave away was being used” says Charlotte. Charities that make her “heart beat” and where she can “touch it, see it, feel it” are the ones in which she donates to, of which there have been sixteen.

All donations are monitored and understood with money being given to specific projects, not just amounts in the melting pot. George, 18, chairman of one of Give It Away’s earliest charities, Whizz Kidz, says “without Charlotte we wouldn’t be here” and that “she has been an awfully good support”.

The latest charity to receive a financial donation from Charlotte is Surrey based, Eikon. Eikon have been providing long-term support to some of the country’s most vulnerable young people and their families for almost two decades. Surrey has the highest level of hazardous drinking parents in the UK and the highest level of separation outside of London. Chris Hickford, founder and charity director for Eikon says “We are there to provide a fence at the top of the cliff to prevent a problem turning into a crisis necessitating an ambulance at the bottom.”

Charlotte Grobien has just donated £30,000 to Eikon at Coutts, who need new and improved premises and space. She presented the cheque with great pleasure to a young person at this evening event who has been helped on the front line by Eikon and said to Chris “I know you will use it wisely and effectively.” Leah Green, Eikon, Woking

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