Haag-Streit launches the Eyestar 900 Anterior Chamber Suite

Harlow, UK – 5th May 2022 – Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard diagnostic and surgical devices and instruments for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and orthoptists in the UK, is pleased to announce the launch of the Eyestar 900 Anterior Chamber Suite (AC-Suite) to compliment the established Cataract Suite and meet the growing demand for improved outcomes, both in cataract and refractive surgery.

The Eyestar 900 is based on future-proof technology: swept-source OCT. It offers versatile tools for both cataract and refractive surgery, in one fully-automated device. Its new Anterior Chamber Suite provides precise measurements, comprehensive data analysis, and excellent images of the anterior chamber. This enables the surgeon to accurately diagnose, plan surgical procedures, predict outcomes, and control the intervention efficacy of anterior chamber surgery.

The Anterior Chamber Suite boasts Class A-topography to 12mm diameter of the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea. Furthermore, it provides high quality 18mm diameter OCT images of the anterior chamber, including the crystalline lens, for visual inspection of key structures, such as lens position, ICL vault* and chamber angle*. Its corneal topography feature set includes difference and trend views for maps and indices, as well as sophisticated screening aids for corneal ectasia*. The integrated Belin ABCD grading system* provides the user with intuitive data for efficient keratoconus screening and progression assessment.

Other tools include Zernike wavefront analysis of the cornea and vision simulation for patient education. Intuitive displays, such as difference or trend views, support the user in the diagnostic process (e.g., assessment of corneal ectasia and keratoconus).

This comprehensive information set allows the user to easily verify any measurement and identify anatomical anomalies that may interfere with planned surgical procedures.

It provides all these measurements in one measuring procedure, on a single device. This fully-automated measurement process allows for easy delegation, optimises workflow, and enables the user to acquire precise measurements and imaging data of both eyes, in under 40 seconds.

The Eyestar 900 uses patent-protected Mandala scan technology, which is designed for highly precise data acquisition. Unlike classic radial or line scans, that scan any point only once, (besides the apex), trajectories of the Mandala scan are aligned in an interwoven and highly dense pattern, both in the center and in the periphery. This, combined with the OCT inherent motion compensation, results in a fully detailed and highly precise three-dimensional data set.

Unique to the Eyestar 900, the user can create radial scans or line scan stacks, as well as individual B-scans, any time after the data acquisition, and at any location of the 18mm OCT scan volume previously acquired. This unique feature eliminates the need for time-consuming rescans if a new cross-section is required.

In addition to the new Anterior Chamber Suite, the Eyestar 900 already boasts an established Cataract Suite, which enables the acquisition of all measurement data necessary for state-of-the-art cataract planning.

It features precise swept-source OCT biometry, anterior and posterior corneal topography, dual zone precision keratometry, pachymetry, lens tilt analysis, Zernike wavefront and vision simulation. The Cataract Suite also boasts an established IOL suite of state-of-the-art calculation formula, including Hill-RBF 3.0, Barrett’s True K and True K Toric, Olsen, Masket and Shammas no history method.

Equipped with this information, the eye care specialist may improve outcomes in cataract surgery, quickly and reliably diagnose diseases, and fully document the eye status.

Thomas Beutler, Haag-Streit Eyestar 900 Product Manager, commented, “The newly released AC-Suite complements the measurement and imaging pallet of the Eyestar 900 and makes it the diagnostic device of choice for any cataract and refractive surgeon seeking excellent comprehensive data for diagnosing, operation planning and patient education. With its all-in-one design and its fully-automated measurement process, the Eyestar also has the potential to improve practice workflow for more happy patients and staff.”

The Eyestar 900 is future-proof. As the leader in innovative devices for modern refractive cataract surgery, Haag-Streit is constantly developing new modules and suites. Imminent new EyeSuite software releases include integrated Belin keratoconus screening with ABCD grading system*. Other planned software releases include ICL vault analysis* and chamber angle assessment*.

For further information on the Eyestar 900, visit www.haagstreituk.com/eyestar

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