Goldstream CEO takes up the challenge of growth competition

CEO at Goldstream Incorporated Dan Coolican has taken up the gauntlet as he accepts the challenge from one of his transatlantic business associates, and enters a growth competition.

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Entrepreneur and business owner Dan Coolican has a network of fellow professionals than spans worldwide. In a recent networking call he and another sales and marketing professional made an agreement to participate in a growth competition, with the winner being the first to reach 500% growth. The winner will claim the prize of a Rolex Submariner, paid for by the losing participant.

As an ambitious business owner, Mr Coolican argues that competition is healthy and that there are a number of benefits.

1) Creative thinking

Having a finishing line to run to and a competitor to beat instigates creative thinking, and often spurs people to put their thinking cap on for better strategies. Mr Coolican believes that creative thinking is the foundation for any success-minded business or brand, and insists competition drives that.

2) Eradicates complacency

“I have seen it for myself where people reach a certain level and become comfortable which results in their business becoming stagnant,” said Mr Coolican. The CEO at Goldstream Incorporated argues that competition automatically pushes people to strive to do better and often acts as the catalyst to force people out of their comfort zone.

3) Growth

One of the biggest benefits of competition is growth. Competition keeps people at the top of their game and striving to consistently achieve optimum productivity which organically results in growth.

4) Helps you work smarter

Goldstream Incorporated is a young firm with big goals and one of their business philosophies is to work smarter not harder. Mr Coolican believes that competition is a driving factor for people to stay at the top of their game. “Without competition pushing people, some will work at a snails pace, and lack urgency,” commented Mr Coolican.

5) Thirst for knowledge

At Goldstream Incorporated they believe that continued education is the secret to success. When in competition there is something at stake and that carrot at the end of the stick can act as a motivator for people to expand their knowledge. “One of the best ways to outdo the competition is to have a thirst for knowledge and an incredible student mentality,” said Mr Coolican.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As direct marketing specialists, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. Mr Coolican is excited by the challenge and is confident he can win.



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