GB Marketing Enterprise: End Procrastination for Good!

Everyone falls victim to procrastination at some point in their lives; however, sales and marketing firm GB Marketing Enterprise have shared the three principles they believe can end procrastination for good.

When it comes to achieving goals and building a bright and prosperous future, many people will at some point fall victim to procrastination. It's easy for people to say what they want to achieve. However, when it comes to taking action, there are endless distractions that can create barriers and prevent success. GB Marketing Enterprise, a sales and marketing firm based in Cardiff have always believed that people are what they do, and not what they say they will do and as such are constantly developing new strategies to overcome procrastination and take action on goals.

About GB Marketing Enterprise:

GB Marketing Enterprise believes at this time of year; procrastination is a serious plight among business professionals, many professionals put off striving for their goals until the New Year, believing that they will have greater motivation to pursue their goals when the New Year rolls around. However, procrastinating in the final weeks of the year can be incredibly damaging and have a severe impact on an individual's mindset, causing them to start the New Year with little sense of urgency – a key component in achieving goals.

To help people start 2017 with a winning mindset and overcome the power of procrastination, GB Marketing Enterprise has shared the following three principles:

Apply the Goldilocks Strategy

When a goal is too difficult people can feel overwhelmed, and when a goal is too easy they won't feel motivated enough to achieve it. The Goldilocks strategy states that to accomplish a goal, a person must ensure the task is just right for them. When a goal is perfectly balanced, it is always far easier to achieve.

Revisit Your Purpose

When an individual has a strong, emotional reason to accomplish something, they will do whatever it takes to reach their desired outcome. As such, when a professional feels procrastination taking hold they should make a conscious effort to revisit their purpose and the driving forces behind setting the goal in the first place.

Build A Ritual

No matter what may be happening around them, successful people always manage to stay on track towards their goals. This is due to them creating rituals and forming positive habits that allow them to focus even when they may not feel like it.

The easiest way to develop a routine is to link tasks and actions together. For example, an individual could decide to work on learning a new skill every day after their morning coffee. Over time, the person will automatically associate this positive new action with their morning coffee and feel a greater drive to perform it.

Located in Cardiff, GB Marketing Enterprises is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm. The firm provides clients with cost-effective and innovative marketing solutions, which allow them to expand business activities into new target markets, boosting sales revenues.

With big plans to expand their services across the UK and internationally in the next couple of years, GB Marketing Enterprise has committed to making 2017 their most successful year to date. As such the firm will be implementing the above strategies across their organisation to boost their chances of achieving these expansion goals.

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