Fusion Affinities Offer Guidance on managing big Data

With the collection and analysis of data becoming more difficult, outsourced sales and marketing firm Fusion Affinities offer their assistance to help small businesses manage their data better.

The face to face marketing strategies used by Fusion Affinities apply directly to specific customers. Having the knowledge of consumer preferences through the use of data enables suggesting specific products and promotions to each consumer possible. Through the use of direct marketing methods, Fusion Affinities can collect information about the actual customer purchasing a product. This allows the firm to tailor their campaigns to specific target audiences.

Due to the personalised nature of direct sales and marketing campaigns, a wealth of information can be collected surrounding consumers and their spending habits but all businesses that keep any information on living and identifiable people must comply with the Data Protection Act. Fusion Affinities and their clientele all abide by the Data Protection Act that is enforced to protect customers. The firm’s Data Protection Policy covers all mechanisms by which data is collected, including via iPads at the point of sale and paper records.

Defining a target market through the use of data gives a company the information needed to focus on the buyers that are interested in the services and products on offer. This can save a company both time and money in an ever-changing society. It is imperative for Fusion Affinities to understand the target market for their client’s products and services. The firm use the target market to design a personalised business strategy for different demographics and customer audiences; this way, the firm can reach customers much quicker on behalf of their clients at the same time not investing as much into the marketing strategy to get results. Fusion Affinities define a specific target market to ensure the firm provides a more focused and more effective marketing strategy and guarantee a greater return on the clients marketing investment.

Fusion Affinities outline that when building a consumer database, marketers should compile all customer data together and match, merge and cleanse the data through identity resolution. And while profit is the ultimate goal, engagement metrics can be a proxy for long-term success by determining whether consumer like a service and want to continue to use it. Fusion Affinities warn that marketers shouldn’t capture and collect data without some sense of what to do with it. Marketers should outline objectives before collecting data and focus on solving a problem or achieving a business goal.

Fusion Affinities is an ambitious and results-driven start-up firm based in Bristol, UK. The firm was set up by Callum Sherlock in early 2014, as a result of the growing demand for outsourced sales and marketing.

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