Fusion Affinities Ltd Review Key Motivators for Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurship on the rise, Fusion Affinities Ltd take a look at what makes entrepreneurship so satisfactory and what motivates today’s entrepreneurs.

Research reveals that entrepreneurs are happier than employees when it comes to life condition, career opportunities, their financial situation, personal safety, health and feeling part of their community and neighbourhood. Fusion Affinities Ltd, an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Bristol, say: “Yes, entrepreneurship means taking risks and dealing with setbacks, nevertheless over 1,000 entrepreneurs daily decide to open up a business in the UK.” The study reveals that gaining autonomy, achieving financial independence and living a chosen lifestyle are the three key motivators to be an entrepreneur.

The desire of autonomy is very attractive to entrepreneurs. “Being your own boss, deciding how to plan the day is a desire that many people have”, says a spokesperson of Fusion Affinities Ltd. In fact, one of the key motivators to become a business owner is to exercise workplace independence and assuming full control of working conditions and outcomes.

Another strong motivator is the dream of financial independence. Many business owners see entrepreneurship to be an opportunity to build greater wealth compared to employees. Fusion Affinities Ltd believe that entrepreneurs aim for a wealthy lifestyle, while they are working and when they retire, rather than depending on an annual salary and the state’s pension scheme.

The third motivator for entrepreneurs is to choose their lifestyle. Some business owners may want to build a family business and create employment opportunities for their spouse, children or other family members. Others take advantage of arranging their own working hours so they can spend more time with their family and friends. “Finding the right work-life-balance is what most of us are looking for. Being an entrepreneur can make this possible and allow extra time to spend with loved ones”, say Fusion Affinities Ltd.

Entrepreneurship motivates many Brits to leave their jobs behind them and start their own business. Becoming a business owner however comes with certain risks that may even lead to bankruptcy and jeopardise savings. Fusion Affinities Ltd have therefore asked other entrepreneurs why they would take such a risk. The main response received was that the benefits of entrepreneurship are motivation enough and when risks turn out to have a positive outcome, it is extremely rewarding for entrepreneurs.

Fusion Affinities Ltd are an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Bristol. The firm offers a business development programme for people who have decided that they would like to start up their own company. By going through this programme, they are faced with daily challenges, develop their own mission statements and can count on the support and guidance from Fusion Affinities Ltd. Once the programme has been successfully completed, entrepreneurs are ready to open up their own business and can benefit from the broad network they have built from day one.

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