Fusion Affinities Ltd Launch Investigation into Britain’s new wave of ‘Socially Savvy’ Consumers

A recent article by Digital Marketing Magazine has encouraged Fusion Affinities Ltd to explore the new social behaviours and trends Britain’s consumers are developing.

Fusion Affinities are an outsourced sales and marketing firm that aim to develop innovative direct marketing campaigns to market their clients’ product or service. Understanding consumers is essential for them as well as other marketers because this enables them to create the right campaigns for their target audiences, as stated by the Digital Marketing Magazine article, “There’s no mistaking that the UK has been undergone somewhat of a transformation; new groups of consumers continue to emerge, and old ones change and evolve with time. Understanding the nuances and habits of consumers has never been more important for marketers to be able to create the right campaigns to engage their key demographics.”

Britain’s group of consumers has transformed and continues to change, this is mainly due to the changes to everyday life. As consumers most decisions are made and driven by different stages in life. It is key for marketers and brands to understand how these life stages have evolved and how behaviours are changing to suit these stages; this should affect how brands should market to particular groups. Many changes occur due to social migration and the changing role of the family. The ‘Rurban Generation’ is a major factor as more and more people are choosing to live rurally but with easy access to cities, this leads to distinct spending behaviour and shopping patterns which is something that brands need to understand if they want to continue to engage this type of consumer. Another crucial change is the level of multi-generation households; it has become increasingly popular for young adults to move back into the family home. This affects marketers as they need to not only decide whom in the family they are trying to connect with, they need to understand the demographic make-up of the household as well.

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These changes to the social fabric have drastically transformed the landscape of UK society. However, this new mix-match of different groups and types presents an excellent opportunity for marketers. While the change has by no means made the job of targeting these different groups easy, it has proven to be worth the effort. With these new levels of insight, brands have been given the ability to spot trends within their consumer base. This information gives them the intelligence needed to create, specifically designed, highly personalised campaigns to ensure that consumers are being reached with the right message at the right time.

For Fusion Affinities Ltd it is fundamental to keep up-to-date with consumer trends. For attracting new potential customers this means they must be well aware of the ever changing consumer trends and adjust and identify methods to attract these potential customers accordingly. Fusion Affinities uses Direct Marketing and this allows them to communicate and interact with the consumer face-to-face which gives an advantage for getting to know their current consumers well and keeping up-to-date with their changing situations. But this also means that it is essential for them to know what the consumer wants and how they want it done as this will benefit the customer and improve loyalty. 

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Fusion Affinities Ltd Launch Investigation into Britain’s new wave of ‘Socially Savvy’ Consumers