Fusion Affinities: Is Customer Service Becoming Increasingly Difficult?

Bristol based Fusion Affinities hit out at the claim the customer service is getting more difficult. The firm focus on building relationships in person through direct marketing and believe companies should be engaging on multiple platforms to ensure high levels of customer service are maintained.

Recent surveys have indicated that customers feel the service received by companies is getting worse. A study by the W.P. Carey School of Business found that in 2013, customer dissatisfaction was 50% versus 45% in 2011. Sales and marketing firm, Fusion Affinities hit back at this claim.

Fusion Affinities is an ambitious and results-driven start-up firm based in Bristol, UK, providing outsourced solutions for their clients' sales and marketing needs. The firm focuses on developing face-to-face marketing campaigns using direct marketing methods and provides their clients with a number of services including: campaign development, customer acquisitions, direct marketing strategies and brand exposure.

Direct marketing strategies are used because they make direct contact with potential and existing customers to promote a company’s products and services. Unlike online marketing and media advertising, direct marketing enables a firm like Fusion Affinities to target particular customers with a personalised message. Direct marketing is cost effective and an extremely powerful tool for generating sales therefore it is an ideal strategy for a small business.

Direct Marketing is Fusion Affinities preferred marketing strategy for a number of reasons including the personal interaction and engagement it allows the firm to have with customers, resulting in a better standard of customer service. Direct Marketing not only provides a great customer service, it encourages brand loyalty for the firm’s clients, and guarantees sales leads on the same day as the campaign. Such immediate results could not be possible by using the traditional methods like television, radio, print and online.

Fusion Affinities also believe that the increase in cross-channel marketing has created excellent customer service levels. Cross-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers. In addition to allowing business to reach customers through different mediums, cross-channels marketing also make it easy for customers to complete desired transactions with a company on whatever medium they are most comfortable with; it lets the user decided, giving customers a choice. Because of this increased choice, customers are much more likely to be satisfied.

Customer service is important to a company because it is often the only contact a customer has with a company. For most companies it would be near impossible to operate and survive without customer service; there would be no one available to handle payments, answer questions from prospective customers or manage complaints. Fusion Affinities operate with excellent levels of customer service at all times to ensure a continued positive brand exposure for their clients. 

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