FremantleMedia Adds Telefonica’s New Live Streaming Service To Its Football Fan Network

  • - FremantleMedia's The Football Republic (TFR) is the first content to benefit from Xtreamr, the live streaming service that provides a seamless way of engaging with fans and talent across the globe
  • - TFR drew 5 million viewers during its 2016 Euros live shows in which the Xtreamr app enriched fans' experience of live call-ins
  • - Xtreamr allowed TFR to have full control, moderating who could join in the experience in real-time
  • - Both the simplicity of set up and the ease of connecting fans or talent resulted in a longer term collaboration into the 2016 season

Telefónica and FremantleMedia today announce the addition of Xtreamr - a live streaming service - to The Football Republic (TFR), a network of social media channels run by the global production company. Newly developed by the telecoms company behind O2, Telefónica, Xtreamr connects businesses with their consumers in a completely unique way, enabling them to create branded, live experiences that can be shared via all or any of a their existing online channels simultaneously.

With the simplest of set ups and the ability to invite viewers or consumers to participate in a live video stream by clicking a link, events can be established in minutes.

Neil Smythe, Head of Sport at Shotglass Media (part of FremantleMedia UK) says: 'Football fans increasingly want to broadcast their opinions and engage with content in real time, which is why we're putting a lot of emphasis into interactive live formats on The Football Republic. The Xtreamr app allows us to integrate video calls from fans worldwide into our shows with great ease; it's simple for the contributor and very light on production resource which is vital for us. For the first time we can have our presenters driving calls on camera which is an exciting development; we've worked closely with the Xtreamr team on this product and I'm delighted with the result.

Unlike other offerings, Xtreamr allows brands to create multi-dimensional live experiences. Brands can invite consumers across any social or messaging app to interact with them in real-time and even create exclusive live, VIP experiences.

Ana Cattell, Head of Product and Commercial Innovation at Telefónica says: 'When it comes to engaging with consumers or in the case of The Football Republic, fans, there is no better way to do it than through a live stream. Our research shows that consumers are beginning to demand more live, in the moment, authentic content. Xtreamr offers businesses the tools to interact with their consumers, in real-time, allowing them to actively participate in a stream by adding their own point of view. We're different from other live streaming services; from the way we help brands interact with their communities, to the very way a live experience is created, shared and engaged with. We work with brands to meet today's consumer appetite for live sharing of moments that matter.'

An Xtreamr app will also be available for consumer use from October. Using the app, people will be able to stream those spontaneous life moments that are just begging to be shared. They will be able to capture live video and share it with the people who matter most using their favourite messaging and social apps. Consumers will be able to invite their friends and family to react or even join their stream in real-time, then relive those special memories with a compilation of the best bits, automatically edited by Xtreamr. The app will be available to download from iTunes and Android App Stores.

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