Forrest Bell: Brand Loyalty Can be Won through Customer Experience

News provided by Forrest Bell on Friday 11th Dec 2015

As 2016 fast approaches, sales and marketing firm Forrest Bell are urging businesses to look at the quality of their customer experience, if they are to maintain customer loyalty in the New Year.

Throughout 2015, customer loyalty has become a hot topic for many businesses. The unprecedented growth of the UK's small business community has led to a vast increase in new businesses which, whilst providing a positive boost to the nation's economic climate, has led to an incredibly competitive marketplace. This increase in competition has made it harder for businesses to hang on to their customers, who have grown savvy and are now more inclined to shop around for the best deal rather than stay loyal to one particular brand. Forrest Bell, a Liverpool based sales and event marketing firm are concerned that this increased competition may be leading small businesses to wrongly believe customer loyalty no longer exists, and are eager to change this belief before the New Year rolls in.

About Forrest Bell:

Forrest Bell believes that despite the increase in competition, it is still possible for businesses to drive customer loyalty. Whilst there will likely always be a business that can provide products and services for less, the firm believes that a positive customer centric experience is hard to beat and can help a business hang on to their customers in today's switching economy. Whilst businesses fight for customer loyalty, Forrest Bell are keen to address how prioritizing the customer experience can make the fight far easier and help a business stand out among their competitors.

Forrest Bell have seen for themselves through their own customer interactions that the marketplace is shifting and the UK has now entered an experience focused economy – where the experience is one of the primary areas customers look at when deciding whether to stick with a particular brand. With this in mind the firm predict that in 2016 businesses will need to assess their current communication capabilities and make changes to ensure they can provide a positive and personalised experience across all communication channels.

The firm also believe that to ensure the customer experience remains consistent brands must recognise that the more avenues they have for communication, the more complex their customer strategies must be. This means that businesses can no longer limit customer communication to the customer service 'department', communication, especially online should be a company-wide priority, allowing customers to access the information and support they need without getting passed around and stalled by middle men.

The firm believe that the first step businesses can take to boost communication and provide a more personal experience to customers is to simply listen. Whilst analytics can provide key information the firm believe reaching out and making the most of organic customer conversation can put the customer back in the driving seat and help a business surpass expectation. Acting on customer feedback can help a business foster stronger relationships and leaves customers feeling valued which can have a huge impact on loyalty.

Based in Liverpool, Forrest Bell is a leading sales and event marketing start up, that provides some of the UK's best loved brands with engaging sales and marketing campaigns. Through face to face customer interaction the firm are able to help their clients understand consumer need and deliver a unique experience to each customer. This customer centric approach not only drives sales, but improves customer relationships and boosts overall brand loyalty for the firm's clients.


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