Fix for Your Sales Strategy by Working Smarter Advises Live Innovations

With time being the most valuable resource a salesperson has, London-based Live Innovations reveals how businesses can improve their sales strategy by ‘working smarter, not harder’.

The more time a salesperson has, more opportunities are created to maximise return on investment. London-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Live Innovations insists that it is important how the time available is allocated: “You can work all day but achieve no to very little results, or you could work for just two hours and go away with three sales,” explains Live Innovations. The firm outlines the three major strategies in sales that allow their independent sales contractors to work smarter and optimise productivity.

About Live Innovations:

1. Eliminate time wasters

In today’s digital world, it is easy to get distracted by smart devices. Any private conversations should be put on hold until the scheduled break, finds Live Innovations. Other time wasters include not following the qualifying process to identify potential prospects or chatting an unnecessary amount of time with non-qualifying consumers.

2. Master the qualifying process

In sales it is crucial to understand how to qualify potential new customers. Live Innovations explains that sales representatives should identify if the relevant product or service offered can provide a solution to the consumer’s problem and secondly, if the prospect shows any buying signals. These signals include positive body language, serious interest by asking questions etc. If this is not the case, Live Innovations says the representative should walk away to look for the next opportunity.

3. Set goals

Setting smart goals is what often motivates sales people. Live Innovations recommends their independent sales contractors to break down their medium and long-term goals into monthly, weekly and daily goals to stay on track. Sales people who stay focused on their goals can maximise their time spent on selling.

Live Innovations has put a number of processes in place for their independent sales contractors to ensure they can get the maximum results without having to work longer than usual. “We know that our strategy works. Therefore, we must ensure it is put into practice consistently,” summarises Live Innovations.

By ensuring that best practices are followed, the London based outsourced sales and marketing company has become one of the market leaders in the area and the number-one direct marketing choice for many businesses.


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Fix for Your Sales Strategy by Working Smarter Advises Live Innovations