First Face Ltd Reveals How to Stay Healthy on the Road

As a business that hosts regular travel opportunities, First Face Ltd understands the importance of staying healthy on the road. Here, the sales specialists have revealed what business professionals need to do to have the best travel experience.

About First Face Ltd:

First Face Ltd strongly believes that travel aids the growth and development of entrepreneurship and therefore hosts regular travel opportunities for their organisation. The firm conducts multiple road trips every month which allow their contractors to experience business environments in multiple cities, as well as business trips to visit other sales offices and attend industry events. First Face Ltd also conducts R&R trips every year, with the most recent being an exclusive visit to one of Tenerife’s most prestigious locations. Additionally, First Face Ltd has also revealed plans for a potential upcoming Ski Trip for their top performing contractors.

The sales specialists are confident that travel is vital for professional success as it not only inspires individuals and invokes innovation but it also aids the development of important business skills such as organisation, time keeping, learning to work with people from all different backgrounds and much more.

First Face Ltd feels that the key to successful travel as a business professional is to stay healthy on the road and not slip into bad habits. Here, the firm has revealed their top tips for staying healthy on the road:

Set yourself up for success
The first step to ensuring a healthy business trip should be to organise operations properly at headquarters before jetting off. Ensuring that employees have everything they need and know who to contact with questions means that entrepreneurs won’t have to spend the spare time on their trip sorting things out back home, states First Face Ltd

Plan for a comfortable plane ride
Packing nutritious snacks and purchasing water at the gate will ensure that a business professional has food and hydration throughout the duration of the flight. Remember to move around a bit on the flight too, to keep blood flowing, recommends First Face Ltd

Hold yourself accountable
If a person is travelling solo, they need to hold themselves accountable for waking up when the alarm goes off at six to hit the gym. First Face Ltd recommends being strict with the routine by eating less, walking wherever possible and doing 10-15 minutes of cardio pre-shower.

Be strategic about dining out
A significant problem with staying healthy on the road is the need to eat out for most meals. Although it may take a little more research, First Face Ltd suggests planning out where to eat based on the menu and food choices.

Don’t count on having a hotel gym
Picking a hotel with a gym is ideal, but not always possible. Check out what the hotel provides ahead of time and plan to how to stay fit accordingly. First Face Ltd highlights that it may be possible to get a guest pass at a local gym for a small fee.

Avoid the downward spiral
Most business professionals will crack and enjoy one of the doughnuts provided in a morning session at a conference or indulge in a savoury meal at dinner, and that’s okay. The trick is not to let this one slip up derail the rest of the fitness and nutrition goals for the trip, shares First Face Ltd.

First Face Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. The firm connects with their clients’ ideal consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to drive long-lasting business relationships as well as increase customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty.


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