First Face Ltd Reveal the 9 Types of Entrepreneurial Behaviour

Active supporters of entrepreneurship, First Face Ltd have unveiled the nine different types of entrepreneurial behaviour.

Entrepreneurs are often subject to stereotypes and people tend to believe that all entrepreneurs are the same types of character, possessing the same traits and behaviours. However, First Face Ltd state how this is not the case and reveal that, whilst many entrepreneurs possess similar skill sets, they differ greatly in personality and behaviour.

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Here, First Face Ltd has revealed the 9 types of entrepreneurial behaviour:

The Black Sheep
Entrepreneurs ignore the naysayers and go against the grain to do their own thing. Many entrepreneurs live their lives contrary to the popular opinion of others, shares First Face Ltd.

Unafraid of failure
Failure is a great teacher. A common trait among entrepreneurs is that they are uncommonly unafraid to “learn” – aka fail, highlights First Face Ltd. “Risk takers will always learn more and be able to pick themselves up when they stumble,” shares the firm.

Happy to work hard
Entrepreneurs aren’t scared of hard work. “Entrepreneurs will work hard at something they love in order to carve out the life they want,” reveals First Face Ltd.

Entrepreneurs are never afraid to stand up for what they believe in. “They have to face a lot of bullies – banks, government officials and rivals will all try to push entrepreneurs around,” shares First Face Ltd. The firm believes that entrepreneurs will never go down without a fight.

Lifelong learner
Entrepreneurs have to learn to make their business survive. “Stuff like learning payroll, navigating IRS business forms and accounting basics are all crucial to business survival,” reveals the firm.

Great communicator
Entrepreneurs have to get good at explaining themselves, be able to motivate others and become confident public speakers.

“Entrepreneurs are hungry for information and always have questions,” highlights First Face Ltd. This is a good thing because there are so many unknowns involved in starting a business.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” First Face Ltd believe a person will be a better entrepreneur if they are good at making friends and influencing people.

First Face Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. The firm specialises in a personalised form of marketing which allows them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis. These one-to-one connections help the firm to establish long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. The firm states this helps to increase customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

First Face Ltd support entrepreneurship through their business development opportunity where they help to ease business professionals into entrepreneurial positions through developing successful skill sets.

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