First Face Ltd Host Workshop on The 8 Working Habits of Successful People

Sales and marketing firm First Face Ltd revealed the 8 working habits of successful people in a motivational workshop held for their contractors.

About First Face Ltd:

First Face Ltd host regular, voluntary motivational meetings on a weekly basis in order to educate, inspire and encourage their contractors to chase their goals. As advocates of entrepreneurship and opportunity, the firm likes to ensure they equip their contractors with the skills necessary to pursue these opportunities and believe that these motivational workshops are the ideal way to do this.

The firm’s latest workshop covered the 8 working habits of successful people which First Face Ltd outline as a vital lesson to learn at an early stage in business. Here, the firm have revealed the 8 habits:

Have a great attitude
Attitude is more important than skills, outlines First Face Ltd. “If you have a winning mentality then it is very likely that you will win,” revealed the firm’s Managing Director, Paul Sandhu. Having a great attitude not only makes a person want to do better but it also makes them feel better and enhances the will to succeed.

Be on time
Being late is not acceptable, no matter what the occasion whether it is lunch, a meeting or a conference call. “Punctuality says a lot about you,” highlights Paul Sandhu. “Being late tells people you are not dependable, but in fact you are disrespectful, inconsiderate and disorganized which are not traits that lead to business success,” reveals the business owner.

Be prepared
Before attending any meeting, conference or event it is important to have completed any work or have made any phone calls required beforehand and all actions and goals should be planned. “Be ready for any questions, have the equipment you need and be prepared with a plan for success,” states Mr. Sandhu.

100% effort
Anything worth doing is worth doing right and everyone should always push themselves that little bit further to maximise potential.

Work your territory/network
There is an opportunity in everything and successful people look to get the most from every opportunity by working smart as well as hard and speaking to as many people as possible. “The more people you speak to then the more business you will make, it’s the law of averages,” outlines Paul Sandhu.

Safeguard your attitude
“In every business there are challenges which can make a person feel like quitting, but this is when it is important to protect your attitude,” highlights the Managing Director. “Make sure your future goal is much bigger than the negative.”

Know why you’re here
“Have set goals to refer back to at any moment that will help you to keep going,” states the business owner. These goals should be S.M.A.R.T. and they should keep a person focused and committed whenever they look at them.

Take control
“It’s your life and your business so make sure you are in control of it and take your opportunity. It’s all in your hands,” states Paul Sandhu.

First Face Ltd’s Managing Director, Paul Sandhu specified, “If you want to be successful you have to apply all of the habits, not just the one or two you like the most.”

First Face Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. The firm specialise in a personalised form of marketing which helps them to establish long-lasting business relationships through face-to-face connections with consumers. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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