FINSOR HOLDING raise its prestige moving the HQ to New York

News provided by FINANCIAL POST on Tuesday 10th Mar 2020

Manuel Ros invests $280 Million to create the new headquarter of its private financial holding into the famous One World Trade Center Tower, in Manhattan.

Due to the latest important expansion, the Italian businessman decided to reshape its owns business organization, moving the organic in the USA, between the 65th and the 88th floor of the most luxurious and prestigious building in New York, located in the heart of the world's largest financial platform.

FINSOR HOLDING assumes a new role, becoming the actual Manuel Ros Headquarter, formed by over 1,650 employees, having the only mission to manage, develop and control Manuel Ros's business interests.

FINSOR HOLDING is becoming the sole group's shareholders of the entire corporation operating over different industries. Manuel Ros, in quality of Founder and President, has decided to set up a formerly private entity to control its business activities worldwide.

“My entire group performed until now an exponential growth e and I believed was necessary to create an icon to be in the middle and part of the world financial leaders, in order to represent a reference for all activities we have all around the globe", said Manuel Ros.

"The new headquarter offer as well more prestige and precise business structure necessary to deliver the most precise management for a strong development in favor of the multiples activities I have”, add the FINSOR's President.

The entire FINSOR office structure is formed by n.8 entire floors for a total surface of 310.000 sqft, protected by high-security access, making Manuel Ros almost impossible to reach. The 88th floor is exclusively dedicated to himself where is surrounded by its private team where are presents his 10 personal assistants.

“I wanted to create a special organization able to control all the companies and businesses. In the new headquarter are taken all decisions, I built up a group of controllers in charge to accomplish any financial and personal due diligence inside the new office. Being surrounded by high professional staff allow me to make the best decisions", added the FINSOR HOLDING's President.

Following the latest move, Manuel Ros has gained the record to have the larger office inside the famous American tower, a reward that seems to represent its intentions.

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FINSOR HOLDING raise its prestige moving the HQ to New York

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