Direct Marketing’s Reputation has been Tarnished by Media claims Pareto Global Associates

Following the Wonga and Lloyds scandal, Pareto Global Associates fears the reputation of the direct marketing industry has been tarnished.

Liverpool based direct marketing agency Pareto Global Associates are concerned that the recent negative media coverage of the misuse of direct marketing practices may be detrimental to the industry as a whole. Pareto Global Associates offer original and effective sale and marketing campaigns to a wide range of industries. Their campaigns have been proven to improve customer relationships and promote positive brand awareness; however despite their impressive results Pareto Global Associates are worried that the latest string of negative press coverage surrounding the industry may damage the overall reputation of direct marketing.

The industry has taken a bit of a battering over the last 8 months or so, recent scandals by the likes of payday Loans Company Wonga and Lloyds bank have given direct marketers a bad name and Pareto Global Associates, whose approach focuses on improving customer relationships feel this is unfair.

The problems started back in December last year when the news broke that Lloyds bank had been putting intense pressure on their staff to sell products that customers didn’t want to avoid pay cuts. The bank was ordered to compensate over 700,000 customers who had been pressured into purchasing unwanted ISAs and insurance. Staff at Lloyds were bribed by the promise of £1000 cash in hand and champagne bonuses for hitting targets. This gross misuse of direct marketing caused many consumers to lose faith in companies who use direct marketing approaches to contact them and wary of the products they are offering.

More recently, payday loans company Wonga came under fire for misleading and causing unnecessary upset among many customers. The firm were found to be sending threatening letters from a fake solicitors firm to force customers to pay off their loans. With many consumers already considering direct mail marketing to be a nuisance, the Wonga scandal became a catalyst for many to ensure their contact details remained private.

Pareto Global Associates strongly believe that these incidents although awful, should not be taken as a representation of the entire direct marketing industry. Many direct marketing approaches can be considered invasive to customers, email, phone calls and mail can frustrate customers who have become disillusioned with the idea of direct marketing, with many believing they are going to be mistreated and pressurised. Pareto Global Associates specialise in Event Marketing, a form of direct marketing that escapes many of the criticisms associated with the industry, their results are gained through honest customer interactions and aim to form strong customer connections between brands and their consumers. This approach due to its honest and open nature is well received by customers with many appreciating the opportunity to put a friendly face to a brand and ask questions knowing they will get a clear and precise answer.

Pareto Global Associates urge people to not be put off by the criticisms the direct marketing is currently receiving. The incidents in question are the result of telephone and mail campaigns which is not a marketing approach Pareto Global Associates use. The firm hope that many businesses will continue to see the positive impacts of face to face marketing and that consumers will not be put off the whole direct marketing industry as a result of the recent criticisms.  

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Direct Marketing’s Reputation has been Tarnished by Media claims Pareto Global Associates