Dapp Store Release: Discover the World of Dapps

News provided by iExec on Sunday 31st Dec 2017

iExec is an innovative French startup which aims to ‘decentralize the cloud’, by creating a global cloud computing marketplace where anyone can rent out their processing power for profit.

iExec is delighted to announce the release of the iExec Dapp Store today.

Why do we need a Dapp Store?

On October 1st, iExec released the Version 1 of its SDK to allow developers to create compute-intensive (or not) decentralized apps - now commonly called dapps.

All the applications built on top of iExec are listed on the Dapp Store. Users are able to browse the existing dapps and use their favorites, while developers can submit their own dapps and earn money if they wish to monetize them.

iExec is the one-stop-shop enabling you to access all the the applications running on the blockchain.

Are there any applications already listed?

There are currently 9 applications on the Dapp Store: 5 in-house apps and 4 blockchain projects with which we’re partnering:

  • Request, a decentralized network for payment requests,
  • Signals, a marketplace of data science powered signals for trading cryptocurrencies,
  • Flixxo, a community based video distribution,
  • TandemX, a clustering of digital assets for cryptocurrency portfolios. More on this partnership soon.

We’re living exciting times and additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks. 2 new partnerships and 3 new dapps will be listed in January 2018.

Driving dapp creation on the blockchain

iExec has reserved a prize pool of $150,000 to be distributed among different dapp projects during the Dapp Challenge that’s running until January 19, 2018.

The purpose of this challange is to encourage developers to build on top of iExec and overcome the computing limits of blockchain. Indeed, iExec can provide the necessary power to compute-intensive applications in the fields of AI, Big data, fintech, and 3D rendering among others.

What are the next steps of the Dapp Store?

Imagine thousands of apps spanning all use cases. These apps are curated and classified into multiple categories. Applications are ranked following their reputation, and users can discuss and leave comments on each dapp page.

This Dapp Store is connected to the cloud computing marketplace as well as to the data marketplace, realizing the triptych that will power a new generation of powerful dapps.

For now, our target is to welcome 50 dapps before the release of our V2. Providing a platform for dapps with an open marketplace model is an important step forward for decentralized economy. We are proud to be a strong actor being able to deliver products to feed this trend.

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