Dan Coolican of Goldstream Incorporated: How Surrounding myself with the Right People Helped me Succeed

Dan Coolican, CEO of Goldstream Incorporated expressed this week how networking and spending time with the right people has played a crucial role in his success as a business owner.

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Ever since he was young, Dan Coolican of Goldstream Incorporated was determined not to settle for a mediocre lifestyle. At the age of 19, he set up his very first business in a language he couldn’t speak – Polish. Over the years, Dan Coolican’s determination to build a successful future helped him to move forward from an entry level position to become one of the most talented entrepreneurs within the sales and marketing industry.

Speaking of his success, Mr Coolican believes many of his opportunities stemmed from the relationships he built with those around him. From long-standing business connections to one off encounters, he firmly believes in the power of people and has strived throughout his career to connect with as many individuals from different backgrounds and experiences as possible.

There are many reasons why building connections and surrounding themselves with like-minded individuals is so vital for aspiring business professionals. Forming the foundations for a successful future is tough and incredibly demanding, so having people in their lives that are negative and drain their energy can make the process even tougher for professionals. Instead, professionals need to surround themselves with people who will push them to achieve their goals and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves; people who share their ambition and who respect their choices.

Building a strong circle of like-minded, driven individuals creates a community with whom they can bounce ideas off of. Everyone within this community will eventually be able to succeed by learning from each other’s mistakes and celebrating individual wins. Mr Coolican believes there is nothing more motivational than being surrounded by people on a similar journey and that by making the effort to go out and meet with people who share their passion and desire for success, professionals will be able to achieve their goals far quicker than if they tried to go it alone.

Goldstream Incorporated is a Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm that acquires customers for their clients through face-to-face promotions. With many brands crying out for more personalised marketing solutions, the firm offers in-person, direct marketing techniques that allows them to create long-lasting and personal relationships between consumers and brands.

With the demand for these services increasing throughout the UK, a major part of Goldstream Incorporated’s mission is to help nurture the next generation of industry talent. As such, the firm is committed to providing their contractors with opportunities to increase their business knowledge and learn the skills needed to succeed as business owners. The firm regularly provide their contractors with opportunities to meet with both aspiring and successful entrepreneurs in the industry to help them gain new insights and share the ideas that could catapult them towards success.

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