Countdown to Air Ambulance Week 2020 begins

27th August 2020

Countdown to Air Ambulance Week 2020 begins

`Because Every Second Counts’

There are now just 10 days to go until Air Ambulance Week 2020 takes off across the UK, from the 7th to 13th September, celebrating the life-saving work of Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) along with the UK’s 20 other air ambulance charities. This year’s theme is `Because every second counts’.

The week will highlight how EHAAT and other air ambulance charities save lives every day right across the UK, by bringing emergency department care directly to the side of patients who are critically ill and injured.

Because every second counts each of EHAAT’s critical care team consists of a pilot and co-pilot, a pre-hospital care doctor and a critical care paramedic, who can be rushed to the scene of an incident with life-saving support equipment to deliver advanced clinical care that is normally only found in the hospital emergency department. Once stabilised, the patient will be conveyed by air or land to the most appropriate hospital for their needs. Each year EHAAT makes around 1,500 life-saving missions.

EHAAT is calling on members of the public to do something amazing to help them to continue to provide life-saving care by making a donation.

Your continued support will help to save the lives of those most in need across Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Each EHAAT mission costs around £2,200 and is almost entirely funded by donations, as we do not receive regular direct funding from the Government.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, EHAAT as well as other air ambulance charities have faced many challenges, including a significant drop in donations as the economic effects of the pandemic take hold.

Despite this, EHAAT has not only continued to provide life-saving treatment, but they have also played a vital role on the frontline response to COVD-19. EHAAT’s committed, highly skilled, clinical team remain dedicated and ready to help when someone is having the worst day of their life.

Natasha Robertson, Fundraising Manager at EHAAT said, “Our fundraising efforts have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen events and initiatives being cancelled and postponed during the lockdown.

“Normally staff and volunteers would be out and about making bucket collections across Essex and Hertfordshire for Air Ambulance Week. This year it has only been possible to arrange a handful of public collections.

“Over the last few months our critical care teams have continued to provide our life-saving service 24/7. That’s why now, more than ever we need support from the people and businesses of this region.

“Our missions are funded by your donations, and we can’t fly without you.”

To support EHAAT during Air Ambulance Week, sponsored by Specialist Aviation Services, visit the charity’s `virtual bucket’ at or by scanning one of the QR codes, which are appearing on print and outdoor advertisements. You can also follow #AAW2020 #Becauseeverysecondcounts.

Thank you…because every second counts!


Photographs: EHAAT’s AugustaWestland 169 helicopter, the Air Ambulance Week 2020 logo

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Notes to Editor:

• Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) is a Charity that provides a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the critically ill and injured of Essex, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

• The service is provided free of charge but, unlike NHS emergency services, the Charity receives limited direct funding from the Government and none from the National Lottery. It costs in excess of £750,000 every month to keep the service operational and cover all charitable costs, and this would not be possible without the generosity and goodwill of people and businesses of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

• Each of the Charity’s HEMS teams consist of two Pilots, a Pre-hospital Care Doctor and a Critical Care Paramedic.

• These teams, made up of highly-skilled individuals, attended 1,526 patients in 2019 and are the backbone of your local life-saving Charity.

• The fleet consists of two Air Ambulances, and four rapid response vehicles (RRVs - cars) The RRVs are crewed by a Pre-hospital Care Doctor and a Critical Care Paramedic and carry the same life-saving equipment as the helicopters.

• During the day, from 7am until 8.00pm, the Critical Care Team provides the service using helicopters based at Earls Colne and North Weald. An RRV is used before sunrise, after sunset or when the helicopter is unable to fly because of poor weather or maintenance.

• Overnight from 7.30pm to 7.30am the service is provided using an RRV based at North Weald.

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