Citipeak Promotions Ltd Supports Top UK Business Leaders views that Britain should stay in the European Union

As the business community express their view that Britain should stay part of the European Union for economic reasons, Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd, stands by top UK business owners in his support for the UK maintaining their EU membership.

In a recent article in The Independent online, top UK businessmen (including the Chairman of BT, Deloitte, Lloyds and Centrica) advocated that Britain’s economic interest would be best served if the country was within the European Union. The business community also call to Prime Minister David Cameron to “strengthen and deepen” the European single market to boost Britain’s economy by £110bn.

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Business leader and owner of London Bridge based firm Citipeak Promotions Ltd, Nick Johnson, sustains the growing concerns held in The City that there is a large anti-European feeling that is not being countered by political leaders. The business community believe that on a purely economic basis, exiting the EU would be deeply damaging to Britain since EU membership is currently worth between £31bn and £92bn a year in income gains. “There are many benefits that being part of the EU brings to both UK businesses and the UK economy as a whole” says Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd. “By being a Member State of the European Union, Britain is part of the world’s single largest market. Naturally if we were to leave, the economic impacts would be tremendous” added Nick Johnson. The European Union is an economic zone larger than that of the USA and Japan combined; with a total GDP of about £11 trillion.

There are many economic benefits that being in the EU brings to UK businesses. EU competition rules have kept energy and telecom costs down in Europe. With low prices for energy and telecommunications, businesses can concentrate their spending on areas of the company to help with growth and expansion rather than spending money on utilities. For SME’s (with fewer than 250 employees) the European Investment Bank Group provides funding and start-up loans to support new productive investments. With the EU looking to small businesses, such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd, to help reduce unemployment rates the focus is now on small businesses to get loans so that they can grow and become the new economic face of the European Union.

Another key benefit gained from being part of the EU is that businesses only have to deal with one set of rules that cover all EU Member States. “When faced with all of the facts, the economic benefits of Britain staying part of the EU greatly outweigh the costs” said Nick Johnson. “As a small business owner, the advantages that EU membership brings to the business community are essential for our growth. Without these, businesses such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd may not have the opportunity to expand as quickly” added Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd.

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Citipeak Promotions Ltd Supports Top UK Business Leaders views that Britain should stay in the European Union