Citipeak Promotions Ltd Extends Market Reach to Newcastle

As Citipeak Promotions Ltd announced the expansion of their market research to Newcastle, the firm review their success within the Telecom industry over the last year and reveal how this has resulted in their growth in the saturated direct sales and marketing industry across the UK.

July 2013 is an exciting month for Citipeak Promotions Ltd as the firm announce the expansion of their market research to Newcastle; a thriving business city that encourages enterprise, investment and innovation. Only back in February of this year did Citipeak Promotions Ltd expand their market research to Birmingham and due to the firm’s continued and growing success throughout 2012 and in the first half of 2013 within the Telecoms industry, Citipeak Promotions Ltd are expanding operations to Newcastle next week. “Here at Citipeak Promotions Ltd, we are all very excited for our newest expansion to Newcastle - it only seems like yesterday that we were expanding our research to Birmingham,” said Nick Johnson, Managing Director.

A small business such as Citipeak Promotions Ltd does not grow this much in a year without working hard for success. As the firm look back over the first half of 2013, some key business strategies can be identified which have resulted in a substantial leap forward in terms of the company’s growth and successes within the competitive direct sales and marketing industry.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd use a tried and tested business model for their clients but also continuously adapted this model in order to stay ahead of other competing sales and marketing firms. For example, the firm have sharpened their unique selling point, which focuses around personalising the purchasing processes for customers. The firm have been continuously improving the personalised sales strategy – all to stay ahead of the competition and to aid their growth.

At Citipeak Promotions Ltd, the firm’s sales and marketing strategy is shaped by overall business goals with the end focus firmly on generating sales and making money. To achieve this goal Citipeak Promotions Ltd placed a much larger emphasis on tracking the success of their campaigns. Through doing this, the firm are able to identify what is working and if any adjustments are required to ensure more sales are made.

Thirdly, but most importantly, Citipeak Promotions Ltd attributes their expansion and continued success to the nature of the direct sales industry. A recent survey by Citipeak Promotions Ltd highlighted how supply and demand for outsourcing services has been increasing in the UK. Over the past ten years, the number of outsourced sales and marketing firms has dramatically increased; highlighting the success of the industry and making it much more competitive. “As other UK companies see the benefits of outsourcing their sales and marketing, the demand for direct marketing firms like Citipeak Promotions Ltd is increasing. The high demand now coming from other companies based in other cities in the UK has allowed us to expand,” explained Nick Johnson.

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