Citipeak Promotions Ltd Advocate that Young People can Help Boost the UK Economy

As Britain’s youth unemployment grows and the coalition government are squeezing out yet more cuts, Nick Johnson of London-based Citipeak Promotions speaks about how the younger generations are good for the workplace and can help boost the UK economy.

A recent article in the Evening Standard reported that young people in the UK face being out of work for more than two years before they reach the age of 30. ‘Twentysomethings’ in the UK can expect to be out of work for longer than those in Australia, Canada and much of Europe. Last week, George Osborne announced that the coalition is squeezing out another £11.5bn in cuts. This comes at a time when the UK is facing near-record youth unemployment with more than 1 million young people in Britain being categorized as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Citipeak Promotions Ltd is a young and vibrant, leading customer acquisitions firm based in London Bridge. Managing Director of the firm, Nick Johnson believes that shutting the young generation out is economically reckless. ‘Studies suggest that training up young people would go a long way to addressing the problem of falling productivity’ said Nick Johnson. ‘Young people bring freshness to the workplace and are often creative and dynamic individuals with new ideas’ added Nick Johnson. It has been debated why there are so many young people out of work in the UK. Reasons include a lack of work experience, a lack of careers advice, a lack of vocational training and a lack of chances given to young people in the workplace.

As a knock on effect from the lack of chances in the workplace, many young people are choosing the excitement of entrepreneurship and the flexibility of running their own business over working for someone else or having to work on menial tasks at the bottom of the corporate ladder. At Citipeak Promotions Ltd, the firm support this choice. Young Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd, Nick Johnson, started his own sales and marketing company in July 2010 and is now reaping the benefits of being self-employed.

Nick Johnson strongly believes that if more young people chose the entrepreneur route, rather than the standard employment route, not only would the economy benefit, but young people will have a more exciting time at work and more of a passion for their work. ‘The best jobs are not ones that require education and being spoken at but rather ones that that speak to you and allow experience as well as personal growth’ believes Nick Johnson.

Research also suggests that entrepreneurial innovation will lead to a healthier global economy and a more sustainable economy for the future generations. Britain’s society is moving towards more young people working on a self employed basis especially in an economy with high youth unemployment. If more young people chose the entrepreneur route, it will not only boost the UK economy, but will also create opportunities and open doors which may never have seemed possible. And for graduates leaving University, the entrepreneur route seems like a sensible and viable option to make money.

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