Boost Happiness and Productivity Using Goldstream Incorporated’s Simple Time Hack

Nottingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Goldstream Incorporated, shares their advice on how to ensure workers are both happy and productive.

Research by Harvard Business School found that for many organisations, happiness and success go hand in hand. The findings from the research showed that happy workers are 31% more productive, sales are 37% higher and are significantly more likely to receive high ratings from customers. Outsourced sales and direct marketing agency Goldstream Incorporated believes that happiness and success go hand in hand and the key to success is maximum productivity.

About Goldstream Incorporated:

Goldstream Incorporated states that it is important to maintain momentum and productivity, because being more productive means projects take less time, a person makes fewer mistakes and progresses quicker towards a desired outcome. This then all works towards increasing happiness in the workplace. Goldstream Incorporated believes that the key to achieving maximum productivity (and therefore happiness) is through being in control of one’s own time management.

When reviewing a person’s own time management, Goldstream Incorporated highlights that the ‘Golden Clock’ theory is an interesting concept that businesses should consider. In a recent study ‘Work Schedule Flexibility: A Contributor to Employee Happiness?’ Lonnie Golden and his colleagues found that workers’ happiness is highly correlated to having the freedom to manage their work time to fit their personal needs. By offering a certain level of control to a workers’ schedule, has reported to pay huge productivity dividends at work. Goldstream Incorporated suggest that experimenting with this theory may inject more flexibility and control into the team’s work schedule.

Staying on the ‘gold theme’, Goldstream Incorporated also encourage workers to find their ‘Golden Hour’ to increase productivity at work. This refers to the time of the day when one is most creative and has the maximum clarity of thought. It does not matter when the golden hour is; early morning, late night or in the middle of the day, what is important is that the time used in the golden hour is not wasted.

Goldstream Incorporated is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Nottingham. As a direct marketing specialist, the firm works closely alongside their clients to create unique marketing campaigns, which will accurately represent their products or services to consumers. Goldstream Incorporated offer frequent workshops and seminars to help their contractors achieve maximum productivity and overall happiness at work.



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Boost Happiness and Productivity Using Goldstream Incorporated’s Simple Time Hack