Boogie Bounce Takes the USA by Storm

When it comes to new fitness discoveries, the UK has traditionally taken its cue from the USA.

But UK exercise regime Boogie Bounce is bucking the trend by boinging across the Atlantic and taking America by storm.

With pilot programmes taking off in California and Chicago, and countless gyms now clamouring to get instructors trained and members bouncing, Boogie Bounce is set to become a household name in the States.

The exercise which involves bouncing on mini trampolines to funky music is well-established both across the UK (with 55,000 bouncers along) and globally – with classes in nine countries including Australia, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain.

And now it’s spreading its magic across northern America.

“The UK normally lags behind the USA in fitness trends and classes– so it’s great to be trailing a blaze,” says Boogie Bounce founder Jenny Belcher. “Teaching the world to bounce has been my dream for 21 years – and it’s finally coming true.”

Boogie Bounce made its debut in Chicago after being discovered by The Exercise Habit Coach, Dre Nichols-Everett. She explains: “I love running but, after hurting my knee, I was unable to do so and desperately missed the buzz that high impact exercise gives.

“While looking for something equally effective I came across Boogie Bounce in the UK and decided I had to have it in my gym. I contacted Jenny Belcher and begged, stalked and hounded her until she agreed!

“She personally flew across with trampolines and launched it at my gym, D3 Boot Camp gym in 26th Street, Chicago, in 2016. The impact has been amazing.”

Dre, who has run her gym for ten years, now runs four sell-out classes a week – with 21 in each class. “They are always full,” she said. “My members love it.

“The number one advantage is that it gives you a high intensity workout with low impact on the body. The trampoline absorbs 80 per cent of the trauma that would normally affect the joints in an activity like jogging or aerobics.

“Bouncers can still get all the cardio benefits without the pain. It’s particularly good for those carrying weight. I hear a lot of people say ‘I have knee or joint issues’. After a hard run, you might wake up with aches and sore knees. But after a Boogie Bounce class you just wake up feeling great.

“Then there’s the fun element. People want to have fun when they work out and they certainly do in this class. Members actually want to show up and get so excited about new routines. There are not a lot of classes out there that make you feel that way.

“But it’s also so inclusive. Not everyone can do Zumba or dance but everyone knows how to bounce. Even if you can’t do the choreography you just keep bouncing. We have hard core, crazy fanatics working alongside beginners.

“It’s a great addition to my gym and gives me a huge advantage over companies. Whenever I run a Boogie Bounce advertisement we get a quadrupling of enquiries.

Over on the West coast, Dublin instructor and master trainer Emma Weafer, 32, is currently launching Boogie Bounce in Los Angeles, California.

She said: “I’ve been giving demonstrations and master classes to gyms and huge exhibitions, like the LA Fit expo, for three months now, and the response has been phenomenonal.

“Because it’s completely new to the USA people have been a bit unsure initially. But when they see all the science, hard work and experience behind it, and get to try it for themselves, it just ticks all their boxes.

“We’ve now had two courses, training up 26 new instructors in Boogie Bounce. They were all amazing – exactly the kind of people we want to lead Boogie Bounce in America.

“I’m thrilled to see Boogie Bounce springing up in so many gyms. The goal is to get into every gym and every state across the States. It’s going to go crazy over here – nuts!” she predicts.

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