Boogie Bounce founder smashes Guinness World Record

Jenny Belcher, founder of Boogie Bounce – the UK’s original mini trampoline exercise programme – has smashed the Guinness World Record for the most bouncers in one class.

Her success in Singapore – leading 374 exercisers on mini trampolines - has obliterated the world record established by Olympic swim champion Rebecca Adlington just two weeks previously in London.

“I feel really bad for stealing the title from Rebecca so soon after she set it,” admits Jenny, 52, of Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. “But when the Singapore Government asked me to take on the attempt I couldn’t say no – and I had no idea Rebecca was planning her own bid just days before mine.”

The world record is the latest global success for Jenny who invented the concept of bouncing to music 21 years ago.

Five years ago a Eureka moment led to the birth of Boogie Bounce Extreme. Jenny discovered that a safety handle not only boosted confidence but allowed bouncers to reach unprecedent heights and positions.

The number of bouncers across the UK now tops a staggering 50,000. Globally, there are classes in Singapore, Australia, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Malta, Switzerland and Spain.

Jenny’s world record bid took place this summer at Marina Bay, Singapore. “The arena had to be sealed off beforehand so that adjudicators could check there was a one metre gap between every single trampoline. Taking to the stage with 374 Boogie Bouncers following my every move was incredible.

“When they announced we’d smashed the record – beating the previous number of 343 - lasers fired, golden confetti exploded into the air and the noise was deafening. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.”

Jenny’s next project is to launch Boogie Bounce Extreme in America. “The UK normally lags behind the USA in fitness trends – so it’s great to be trailing a blaze,” she says. “Teaching the world to bounce has been my dream for 21 years – and it’s finally coming true.”

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