Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics engages DocHQ to introduce a revolutionary menopause testing solution

News provided by DocHQ on Friday 6th Oct 2023

DocHQ, a leading provider of healthcare solutions, is delighted to announce an innovative collaboration with Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics. DocHQ has been appointed to produce their unique women's health blood testing kit under co-branded DocHQ and Bodyline’s M Plan. The testing kit is designed to offer comprehensive insights into women's hormonal health with a primary emphasis on menopause-related indicators, including Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and other critical female hormones.

DocHQ will provide Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics with access to its user-friendly patient platform for seamless patient registration, sample collection, testing and results service. The blood results provide a benchmark for initial and ongoing clinical menopause treatment and support.

DocHQ’s CEO Madhur Srivastava says: “At DocHQ, we're excited to work with Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics, marking a significant stride in our commitment to scalable and innovative healthcare. This cooperation symbolises our shared vision to empower and support fast-growing health businesses, providing them with the tools and insights they need to thrive. Together, we’re crafting a future where every woman can access personalised and comprehensive healthcare solutions, facilitating informed decisions for enhanced wellbeing.”

Sally-Ann Turner, Founder and Managing Director of Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics, says: “Our collaboration with DocHQ increases patient accessibility to Bodyline’s M Plan personalised clinical menopause treatment and support plan. We can now treat and support women UK-wide through all stages of the menopause when the M Plan option chosen incorporates blood analysis. DocHQ has worked with Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics’ team to develop an industry-leading blood test to our required specification, which is available exclusively under the M Plan brand.”

The home blood test samples will undergo analysis at Alderley Lighthouse Labs, a UK registered laboratory. Here, a comprehensive assessment of hormones, vitamins and minerals will be conducted to provide accurate and reliable results.

Bernie Murphy, Head of Clinical Services at Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics, says: “The M Plan delivers life-changing results for women suffering with menopause symptoms and improves their quality of life during what can be daunting stages of ageing, from perimenopause to menopause and through to post-menopause.

“A woman’s menopause treatment and support is typically diagnosed on clinical grounds by understanding her personal symptoms, discussing her medical history, and undertaking hormonal blood tests, which are a means of checking and monitoring the presence and level of menopausal hormones in a woman’s blood. They provide the benchmark that can be beneficial to effectively treat, monitor and modify medical menopause treatments. M Plan hormone blood tests also combine screening of essential minerals and vitamins which, if a woman is deficient, contribute further to menopause symptoms.”

Following analysis, DocHQ will prepare and deliver patient test results through its secure system, allowing expert medical guidance to be offered to patients based on their individual results, ensuring a holistic approach to managing hormonal health. In the event of critical results, DocHQ is committed to promptly notifying Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics to facilitate swift and appropriate patient care.

DocHQ and Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics share a common commitment to empowering women with valuable insights into their hormonal health, thereby promoting proactive and informed decision-making. The M Plan test kit represents a significant stride toward enhancing women's wellbeing and overall quality of life.


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About DocHQ

DocHQ is your wellbeing partner. As a UK employee benefits provider, our vision is to enable people to make informed health choices and inspire them to improve their quality of life. We are a specialist medical technology provider aimed at enhancing employee wellbeing at work and home - connecting businesses, providers and consumers through technology.

From employee health and wellness programs to physical wellness in the workplace and at home, DocHQ combines medical expertise and technology to offer wellbeing services and solutions in a post-pandemic world. Through developing a network of private clinics and providers across Europe, we deliver a range of employee benefits including Physiotherapy, Health Checks, Fitness, Nutrition and Travel Health.

About Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics

Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics has over 17 years of experience in the medical wellness industry and specialises in gold-standard treatments for over 100,000 patients. Bodyline Medical Wellness Clinics operates UK-wide and is a leading clinical wellness group of excellence.

It provides individualised medical wellness treatments for women and men with positive patient outcomes. Medical services include, amongst others, menopause (HRT) - The M Plan, medical weight loss, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) treatments. Bodyline’s treatment and support packages are provided direct to patients, to corporates to support their employees, and to strategic partners for their clients.

To ensure safety and compliance, Bodyline is CQC regulated and a trusted medical wellness group providing in-clinic and online consultations.

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