Blue Moose's beginner's guide to eliminating consumer fears in the sales process

It's not uncommon to see consumers fearful about purchasing goods, explains Blue Moose. The firm outlines how it is the job of the salesperson to alleviate these fears and ensure they have a memorably positive experience.

About Blue Moose:

Blue Moose are keen to explore consumer attitudes and personal relationships with buying, as this association is not the same as their relationship with shopping. For many people shopping can be a pleasurable experience from browsing, sourcing information on the product itself, learning from previous buyer's reviews and discussing products with friends and family. However, buying itself can cause a mental struggle for consumers, as they consider the financial commitment to an HPA or a long-term contract of a personal service.

Here, Blue Moose urges sellers to understand the main fears buyers have:

1. People worry about paying too much – Individuals are looking to obtain a good price for their purchase, and the fear of being ripped off can sometimes overwhelm a buyer.

2. Fear of post-purchase disappointment – Often when buying an item or service from an unknown retailer company promise is all there is to go on. Many consumers argue and mentally ponder if the service will be worth the financial investment, or if the upgrade will be worth the service disruption.

3. Fear of social disapproval – Often society will dictate purchase activity, and personal investment can drum up emotional battles. Often consumers are looking to display their commitment to the community in their investments. For example, potential alternatives can be overlooked due to the customer's commitment to socio-economic factors.

4. People are habitual creatures – Humans have a lot to consider for their long-term survival, therefore processes need to become automated to free up space to focus on external influences that pose a greater threat. With regards to buying, life changes could frighten the consumer, and it is important to concentrate on the positives of the post-purchase, and the easy integration of daily life.

In sales, the salesperson is hired to guide people through the sales process and make the informed decision to buy confidently. While alleviating consumer concerns is important, Blue Moose urge salespeople to instil confidence in a streamlined sales process.

Blue Moose is an outsourced sales and marketing firm currently based in Newcastle. The company specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing which allows them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis.

Blue Moose feel this is an essential part of a salesperson's development, and run a voluntary workshop for all of their independent contractors before they meet their client's customers.


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