Blue Moose Take Lessons from Billionaires

Sales and marketing specialists Blue Moose has revealed the 3 skills that can be learnt from 3 billionaires and how to apply them to business.

Manchester based direct marketing agency Blue Moose have become one of the market leaders in their industry. The firm insists that this is mainly due to the student mentality they encourage on a daily basis. “Learning from others and our own actions is part of our DNA here at Blue Moose”, says the firm’s spokesperson. In fact, Blue Moose underlines the importance of learning from past successes as well as from mistakes. The firm inspires new entrepreneurs by revealing three key skills from three moneymaking masterminds, Michael Gastauer, Peter Thiel and Yuri Milner. They did not get rich because of luck, but by learning from mistakes, working hard, taking calculated risks and by having passion for what they do.

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Michael Gastauer started his first business, G&S Asset Management, together with his business partner in his early twenties. In the following years, he founded Apax Global Payments, one of the top businesses in the sector, and then WB21 to help people in some of the poorest parts of the world to create their own businesses. He claims that his success is based on the willingness to work hard and his philanthropy, his wish to help others in need. Blue Moose says: “Gastauer’s secret to success is very inspiring. He focuses on supporting others, something we have taken on board as well.” In fact, Blue Moose has made it their mission to help new entrepreneurs and provide them with the relevant skills and guidance to open up and run their own successful business.

Trader and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, started his career working around law and politics. In 2002, he sold PayPal to eBay for $1.5 billion. Shortly after that, Thiel became the first professional investor to buy into Facebook, he started the business Clarium Capital Management and in addition to that, Thiel helped launch Palantir Technologies. “All three moves were very strategic and timely”, finds Blue Moose. “The learning we take from this is that Thiel was a strategic thinker and took risks in order to stay one step ahead, something that is crucial in business in order to leave competitors behind”, adds Blue Moose.

Finally, billionaire Yuri Milner is one of the most forward thinking entrepreneurial experts, believes Blue Moose. He cofounded NetBridge, invested in Facebook around the millennium and created the Breakthrough Prize as a result of his passion to science, a $3 million award for scientists who make exceptional, game-changing discoveries. The learning to take from Yuri’s achievements is his passion. Blue Moose says: “Do what you love. Passion gives you the drive to accomplish great things in life.”

Manchester based sales and marketing company Blue Moose fosters a culture of learning on a daily basis. As a part of their commitment to support new entrepreneurs, the firm encourages continuous learning through workshops and seminars and inspires their audience with success stories of other entrepreneurs, including Gastauer, Thiel and Milner. Hard work, taking calculated risks and passion are a combination of factors that bring a success story to life.

Blue Moose offers on-going sales and marketing solutions for a range of clients. With offices across the UK, the firm has become one of the market leading businesses in the industry. Currently, Blue Moose is planning to expand into international markets within the next year.


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