Blue Branch: Business Lessons to Take Away from Wonder Woman

Inspired by the recent box office smash hit Wonder Woman, Edinburgh-based event marketing specialists Blue Branch have revealed the business lessons they took from the film.

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In 1942, internationally famous psychologist Dr William Moulton Marston created the character that would become a global icon, Wonder Woman. Since then she’s gone on to become one of the most popular comic book characters of all-time and an inspiration to millions of people around the world.

Here, Blue Branch have outlined the business lessons to take away from the smash hit movie:

1. Mentorship - and paying it forward

Before becoming Wonder Woman, the civilian identity of Diana Prince sought a mentor because she needed someone to train her to become a warrior. In the comics, Diana returned the favour by mentoring a number of protégés like Wonder Girl and allies like Etta Candy and Paula von Gunther. For entrepreneurs, a mentor is imperative, and Blue Branch urge their staff and contractors to identify coaches and mentors to help them accelerate their career.

Managing Director at Blue Branch, Rania Noumaan believes that entrepreneurs should seek a mentor to train and guide them to help them hone their skills. “A mentor will share their mistakes and business knowledge and that is invaluable,” comments Ms Noumaan. The firm also believes that entrepreneurs should pay it forward someday by taking an aspiring entrepreneur under their wing.

2. Share success

Diana recognises the value that others bring and is humble in victory. Great entrepreneurs don’t steal credit for other people’s work and ideas, and they acknowledge that it is a team effort and celebrate all victories together.

3. Superhuman stamina and endurance are required

Wonder Woman possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed and an enhanced healing power, but Blue Branch believe that her greatest power is her superhuman stamina and endurance. The event-marketing specialists argue that stamina is what makes entrepreneurs great. “The road to success isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, those with a superhuman stamina are the ones who make it to the finish line,” commented Ms Noumaan.

4. Remember the power of empathy

Blue Branch believe that one of Wonder Woman's most powerful powers is empathy. In business, the importance of empathy is often underestimated. At Blue Branch, they believe that the most successful leaders have empathy and utilise it to build an A-team.

The event-marketing specialists encourage entrepreneurs to take away the valuable lessons above from Wonder Woman and apply them to their business.

Based in Edinburgh, Blue Branch is an events promotions company that specialises in delivering personalised event marketing campaigns. Their face-to-face approach to marketing has enabled them to build valuable relationships with customers from the first point of contact at event venues.

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