relaunch! – Welcome to the future of Bitcoin exchanges!

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We are proud to announce that the new Bitcoin Bourse (| ) is up and running!

We have rebuild our trading engine and we have redesigned the full site, making it more user friendly!

Please check out the new design and features and enjoy!

Why Bitcoin Bourse is the future of Bitcoin exchanges?

Traditional centralised Bitcoin exchanges have business models similar to traditional financial services enterprises. They take deposits of fiat currency which they hold in company controlled bank accounts and show as a credit in the customer’s exchange account hosted on their corporate servers.

The essential characteristic of a decentralised exchange like Bitcoin Bourse is that bitcoins and fiat currency are exchanged directly person-to-person with the arbitration of a third party when disputes arise. Rather than a few centralised exchanges that a government can easily monitor and shut down for not following capital controls or chargeback rules, any two people wishing to exchange bitcoins for fiat money can do so directly within Bitcoin Bourse.

Person-to-person Bitcoin exchanges like Bitcoin Bourse can also offer faster settlement directly between bank accounts (or in cash) where as centralised exchanges often impose delays when cashing out or adding funds, especially during times of high market volatility.

New features!
Bitcoin Buy and Sell orders have now a expiration time of 72 hours!

Share trading is now also open to public!

Users and System shareholders of Bitcoin Bourse System shares can now trade shares btween them!

Its very Simple! Just create your buy or sell offers with the amount you want for each each share.

Bitcoin Bourse allows now 3th Party shares to be bought and sold on Bitcoin Bourse. If you want list your Company Shares at Bitcoin Bourse contact us :

Bitcoin Bourse System fees are changed as follow : Buy/Sell/Deposit = 0% fee, Withdraw = 2% fee.

Bitcoin Bourse System shareholders, are free of charge!

Security & Law

In the last days Transaction Malleability affected many Bitcoin exchanges around the world making them halt withdraws.
Bitcoin Bourse process withdraws manually! which removes any TM problems and prevents a lot of issues for us and for you, our customer!
Our users Bitcoin accounts are never stored online on any of our servers! All Bitcoins are on cold storage offline!

Welcome to the future and happy trading!

Sign up on Bitcoin Bourse here :

Bitcoin Bourse is a decentralised escrow and trading system for Bitcoin / € SEPA developed by Bitcoin SARL.

Bitcoin SARL

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